[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -

Okay I figured out what the issue is. I never implemented a “load game” method for one man machine.

The second issue I cannot recreate so I would assume it is from tweakmod @alphabit [quote=“wimali, post:201, topic:9585”]
EDIT2: The review messages are also getting cut off. e.g. “Star Gam” instead of “Star Gamer”, “Informed” instead of “Informed Gamer”, “Game Her” instead of whatever-its-called, “Achievemen” instead of “Achievment”.I’m also using the tweakmod & infostatsmod though, so these could also be at the cause of this!

[Download Updated!]

[Fixed] Bug where loading a save didn’t set the gamemode again. - Will require a new save for those One Man Games (sorry)
[Fixed] Sequel Research was unlocking after second game not first.
[Fixed] Starting money wasn’t implementing correctly.

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I have this alert:
UltimateLib is not defined.

you need this mod to make the new version of camelot work


I have it.
It was enabled.

We are aware some people are experiencing this issue.


Finally got some free time to play the hell out of this !!!
Neverending story here we go :smile:

Can you make it so you can turn the tutorial off?

After your first playthrough it should be off already? And this idea would be better suited for TweakMod @alphabit

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I get this error when I click on release details and on other options too.

Looks like you are using the Info and Stats mod here. @alphabit

Ah… yes… but I got this error after adding the new version of Camelot today only, thats why I came directly here… I will write in the infostatsmod expansion.

Okay I will talk with alpha

Wait please don’t tell me your using windows 95/99

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Maybe it is just skin…

I hope so

Need any help with event write-ups, etc? Don’t have any technical knowledge but I’m a decent writer. :slight_smile:

If you have ideas for additional events feel free to PM me.

Just signed up, how do I PM? I’ll write up a few and then send them over to you.