[WIP] WayMoreAchievments Mod

WayMoreAchievments Mod for Game Dev Tycoon

A brand new mod that aims to add more achievements into Game Dev Tycoon. It was made with the Ultimate Mod Editor and currently adds 12 achievements.

This mod requires the Ultimate Library to work.

Achievements List:

Make it Rain:
Have $1,000,000,000 in cash

Mr. Popular:
Have 200,000 fans

Live Forever:
Reach year 200

Went to School with Dinosaurs:
Reach year 500

Hard Worker:
Release 100 games

print(“First Game”):
Release your first Game!

Just like real life:
Reach graphics level 10

Game Apocalypse:
Create A.I. so smart that it takes over the world (AI level 9)

Huge Games:
Make a really big game (AAA)

Talking to the Computer:
Reach Dialogue level 10

Next-Gen Console:
Research Custom Hardware in the lab.

Super Hyped:
Research Marketing Campaign in the lab.

Download Link:


This mod is still in alpha, it may have some bugs and I have plans to add way more achievements, if you find any issues please tell me so I can fix them.


Please remove the use of Adfly based links from your mods. This is against the Game Dev Tycoon Modding Agreement:

Other Monetary Benefits and Donations

Usage of advertisements, other revenue-generating elements and donations are subject to the following rules:

(a) you may not add advertisements, other revenue-generating elements or call for donations inside the mod or game itself;

(b) advertisements or other revenue-generating elements, may only be facilitated on your own website and must not be used in mod listings;

© you may ask for donations on your website or in mod listings but such requests must follow after the mod description, title or download link and must not obscure these elements or be visually intrusive to users.

(d) the mod must be available as a free download and must not be gated behind forced advertisements or other revenue-generating elements;

(e) the download link to a mod must remain clearly identifiable and must not be obscured by advertisements;

(f) you may ask for optional donations but donations must not give exclusive benefits. Everyone should have access to the same mod;

(g) installation of mods must be free from advertisements or other revenue-generating elements;

(h) the mod or the mod-installer may not add or install other third party elements, such as toolbars, system utilities or anything not related to the game itself;

Please adjusts your links as soon as you can, otherwise we will have to remove your mod from the forum.

I would suggest;