How To Make Mods?

I Really Want To Create A Mod Like The Galacticgames mods,you know that the news will announce
that a company will release this and that…and you will get to create your own console!!!
bottom line:
how to make a console mod

I suggest you use Ultimate Mod Maker! (Only on Windows)

I have a mod maker under development, but its bugged out :stuck_out_tongue: (Java, cross platform)

Lemme get you into this: There are 2 ways to make mods, the easy and the hard way.

The Easy Way
Use the UltimateModEditor, found here. The UltimateModEditor can make mods just by clicking on a button. As @Stain said.

-Easy way of making mods
-No coding experience required
-You make topics, platforms, events, researches, lab researches and even achievements
-There’s a limit, you can’t make anything.
-You can’t make advanced stuff, you will need knowledge for that.
-Your mod will require UltimateLib

The hard way
Using the gdt-modAPI, you can make anything from scratch using Javascript. As @Haxor said, it can be found here:
-Unlimited possibilities of doing anything.
-Won’t require UltimateLib
-Your way you can sort the code
-You need basic JavaScript experience: (check here to start learning: )
-You can’t make Lab Researches or Achievements, since the api doesn’t support it yet.
-Takes a bit of time to learn what is needed.

Hope I helped. Though, I suggest you use UME first, make a basic mod, and after a few weeks, rework the mod in the api. this way, you’ll have more freedom.

Please stop stating using the GDT Mod Api is the “hard way”. You demotivate people! :angry: You just do it to sound professional.

¨@JhayDogg24 Dont be afraid to use the Mod API, I’ll give you a tutorial on a PM if you want :slight_smile:

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