[WIP] CompetitorMod by kristof1104 & DzjengisKhan


Hi Guy’s

I would like to present the new mod I’m working on “CompetitorMod”.

What will it contain? :slight_smile:
Well just as the name suggests it’ll add competitors to the game.

The Mod is still in a very early stage, but I’ve already set up some basics.
Development of this mod will take some time though cause it isn’t that easy.


New Alpha version release!

  • UI can be collapsed by clicking on the competitor name.
  • Competitors can go bankrupt, a new competitor will pop-up.
  • Once you buy a competitor you can:
     -Change their name
     -Sell Them
     -Merge them with your company (gives you RP-points, their fans,their money)

-Custom publishing deals needs some work so I removed it from this version.


EDIT 1/06/2014:

Install Guide

  1. Download zip file from github
  2. Unpack zipfile
  3. Rename CompetitorMod-master to CompetitorMod
  4. Copy CompetitorMod folder to (gamedev directory)/mods
  5. Activate Mod in mods panel

New UI Movie


At this point I would like to ask the community to provide me with some idea’s to add to this mod.



Sick man, this is some really awesome mod!!


This looks really awesome. I’ve always wanted to see some competition in this game.


I dont get how it works. But looks nice anyway.

That looks epic


how many competitors will there be?and will there be a scroll bar to browse through the competitors and will you be able to name your competitors and will there be option to not get a notification when someone releases a game?

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I’m gonna throw some idea’s out there I don’t know if they are doable or not but you did ask :wink: maybe add a fame or shame meter to them and fans too.

Could also try a feud system that could mess with their fans and fame.

Maybe a ghost system where your past play through is the competitor.

You thinking of linking them to their consoles too?

Looks like it will be Awesome :smile: Thanks for starting it.

Edit:I’m thinking since they seem to have money could have events like Celeb advertising that they have to offer them more than you to get it so you can bankrupt them.

What you should do is have a menu pop up at the start and you can either disable or enable or change the names of famous companies. Like ninvento and stuff. Great mod! :smiley:

Wow the Cheat Mod and now this good job. @kristof1104 I hope you are going to apply for a job at Greenheart games.


Hey @kristof1104 think you can add this to the mod?

no stealing from evogamer’s past posts

So, you want ideas, huh?

How about this:

The other companies actions’ can affect your sales, profits, and fans

-company name- has released a game, right after we just released ours! I hope this doesn’t effect sales…

Sales will drop because their game is newer.


You may want to put this in the modding section @kristof1104.

Cant wait to see the mod, it looks great

It is a common idea I believe when someone begins a Competitor Mod so no stealing required :smile: .

Awesome!: -)

Let me know when you get a working beta up and i will add it to the mod list! :smile:


will they be releasing games on our consoles if is it popular ? [ i know stupid question >.>]


When this is done you should try to get it to multiplayer…or show the devs it and maybe they can branch off of it.

Any updates? When can we expect a release? I can beta/alpha test.