What's needed to render "Competitor's Games"?

I’m a newbie in this modding industry, I’ll admit it. But yesterday, while I was benchmarking for ideas, I noticed that most of the mods out there focus on adding content that’s already implemented into the game; new topics and research and whatnot. Then, I thought about a nice simulator game named Software Inc., a nice example for people who want to be focused on marketing and money. What would be needed to implement other companies’ games, the “Chart” where only my grade is shown, but no-one else’s?

This has been attempted previously, perhaps you could continue the mod with their permission or base your mod on some of their ideas.

However this is a large feature and no small undertaking. Prior experience with html, css, and js would be crucial.


Just what I was looking for. Perhaps adding support with the Multiplayer mod(espionage) or a stock market would be innovative enough.