[WIP] CompetitorMod by kristof1104 & DzjengisKhan

I Would like to see a beta or a alpha test for this mod, it looks pretty amazing to compete in other companies just like in real life. Also apljee happy birthday. :smile:

If you need someone for graphics , like icons & more , I would do it :smiley:

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Maybe a part where you can cause the rivalries, like slamming consoles, releasing games on the competitor’s console to make it more popular, etc. It would be funny seeing a PC game company raging at Ninvento.

Hey Kristof . First … awesome idea . Damn u r rockin . Second … Think it would be cool if it shows up the genre , and topic of the last game the compitors created last to maybe do something differnt to them or a better one . And maybe something impossible but how is this : give ur self the chance to ionfiltrate the compitor games with bugs and hacks to lower theire sells :slight_smile:

I like the idea :smile: keep it up!

It would be cool if the competition had to research stuff and do exactly the same as we do with topics and everything.I don’t think that it would be likely because it seems like it would be a lot of work I’m guessing but maybe a simple version of it could be done.


Sorry for the delay, I’ve had a massive deadline at work and a broken laptop so I haven’t been able to work on the mod.
But that’s almost fixed now, almost done with my reinstall.

Well To answer a few question:

How many competitors will there be?
Currently I will only add 3 competitors, this is because I’m not sure adding more competitors will lagg the game.
There are a lot of calculations each week, (selling games and such).

What gameplay idea’s will the beta version contain?
This is still pretty raw,

  • When a competitor releases a game, in some cases it’ll inpact the sales of your game.
  • There will be an option to sabotage your competitor!
  • There will be an option to buy out a competitor, when this is done a competitor will generate money for you.
    you’ll have to keep investing though in the company you buy, to keep developing good games.

more will be added but that will be the basics.

When will this mod be released?
Well it’ll take a while, Work and life in general come first :slight_smile:



Sounds Awesome :smile:

@kristof1104 that sounds good , here some things which would be great too :
Name :
take the names of companys from the maingame (electronic mass or Activ visionars)

if you buy out a competitor it can release bad games too , and this got a negativ effect.

oh and had you seen my post before ?
I’ve made some Pictures for Icons of the Competitor ( EM for Electronic mass , ninvento and Idusoft which is Ubisoft)
I will uploud them later if you want

Suggestion: Near the end game where you own your own game console make it so the other companies can make games for your console (AKA Make it where you can put up a publisher deal and other game companies will make the game for you and you set the price/penalty for the game)


Cool idea.

Could I possibly help with the project? I’ve been learning a lot of js lately, and I want to try to help out and test my skills.

So , I just got a tiny idea for some small UI changes , if it woud be possible , which could work with the mod too :

It would be cool if there would be a way to change the Game UI for mods like this :smiley:



If you haven’t already, could you make the rivals’ names random from the list of competitors?

Just a little update of my post before

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Epic Epic Epic Epic Epic Epic Cool.

@kristof1104 i actually end up with an error after using it im gonna try a few things and let you know

@kristof1104 okay works fine now i just suggest anyone trying it do not try to give yourself a ton of money at first start small or it will cause an error build up to more money fans and hype
great mod :smiley:

it’s a good idea to put these windows at the left side of the screen as a separate window, like the “Research” window or the “Staff List” window. something that you open to see the stats of each company in that very moment (and the game pauses when you open this window, like the other ones), so the game will not lag with more rival companies added to the list. and the window showing: the current game of each company in stores, a graphic with the sales of them, and come more information.

hope this helps