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I kinda just want to change the name of my employees. And maybe change the way they look or something.

I Will To see A mod where you Are Making Game in A Zombie outbreak or a mod that do so you also can make Movies out of your Games

I like the idea.Of competing companies…And also someone could through in the government trying to get you to put out propaganda in the games…“Like the money they put into sponsoring war games”…Thanks to all you modders…it is making the GDT…a lot more interesting to play…

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I played so many times, but I always thinked that something was missing at the last or mid of the game…

When you did it all, I was thinking and it could be great to see this:

-More employees: The limit of 6 can be a little short for us, at least for me xD

-Larger offices: Not much to say of this, offices that can accommodate more than 6 employees, like 10, 20, etc…

-More offices: Why have one, when you can create your empire of Game Dev? (I don’t know if this can be created, but it could be great).

And for complement the other ones:

-Organize your stuff for create games: I’ll put an example for explain this, you have 10 employees, and you want to create 2 medium games, so you put 5 employees to create one, and other 5 to create the other.

I think that it’s a great idea, the including of this can change drasticaly the way of gameplay for Game Dev Tycoon, but more if you include other mods like, Camelot, EPM, CMPack…

I hope to see these, thank you for be a great community.

P.S: Sorry if I repeat a little, my english isn’t so great xD

#I edit this post, I don’t like double posting xD

I had twice idea more that I forgot to say, that are:

-Include a menu pre-Game Dev: this menu can be popped-up before you start the development stages and can have some options like…
-Timeplay: The time that the game starts to the end, that could have impact in the time of development, so a game that it’s lenght is 3 hours it’s created faster than other that it’s lenght is 10 hours.
Obviusly, it can affect to the fans and the sales.

-Adjustable difficulty: I think that this can work with different ages, like, easier games for kids, and harder for adults. a bar from 1 to 10 should be cool!

-Adjustable prices: Not all games should cost the same, you can decide the game price (One mod do this, but I’d like to see the price before I create the game.)

And I don’t know what more I can say for the menu, but you can try to full the list :smile:

The other idea is to give names to all, your employees, your offices(if you have more than one)… etc, if you include more things like DLCs, updates, patch…


My Idea - Rival Companies

This would mean, that there would be rival game development companies.
If this mod was made, it would include a charts system, I’ve always
wanted to know what stops my 9.75 rated game getting top spot…

As well as this, their would be an end of year ceremony, celebrating the best games ect.

I have no idea how this mod would be coded, but if it was possible I would literally start screaming

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Rival Companies?
You better start screaming now:

Time based difficulties: If someone could design a mod that would use a value computed by the game time (potentially adjustable by selecting a difficulty) instead of trying to consistently hit 111% of your previous best this would fix my single biggest problem with the game. It’s not fun when in order to do well you need to intentionally underperform to prevent the game after this one from being too hard. That doesn’t reflect reality and is a really poor and unfun game mechanic.

A mod that only shows hints! Not the cheat mod!

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I’m making an expansion pack called the “Blueberry Expansion Pack”.


  • Blueberry Pi Model A (Raspberry Pi Model A)
  • Blueberry Pi Model B (Raspberry Pi Model B)
  • BlueWatch (SmartWatch)
  • Couple more topics
  • Few more achievements
  • Some more Researches

I have an idea for game engines but it is outside my ability to make. My Idea is that there are pre-built game engines that release over time as the player researches things. To use this engine in a game the player can buy a license. There will be different types of licences such as single use, limited redistribute-able and redistribute-able. I think you’d understand where I’m going with this but incase you don’t:

  • Single Use License can only be used once in one game
  • limited redistribute-able license can be used a certain number of times (say 2-3)
  • Redistribute-able license can be used an infinite number of times

The single use will cost maybe half of the would-be cost of making it yourself. The limited use will cost maybe 3/4 to full cost of making it yourself. The infinite use will cost a bit more then it would cost you to make it. The whole point of this is that your paying a bit more to save you the time of making it yourself. Also instead of making a game engine for a game, researching then immediately making another engine for another game in which you only use each engine once and you would spent millions if not billions on game engines that have minor improvements.

If you read all the way to here then your awesome and you should click here for a potato.


you could make a mod that tells you what games are being released by what gaming companies and also what game is at the top of the charts and what genre they are.
this would be useful because it will mean that if their have been three action games released at the same time it might mean that action games are popular but this could also mean that if you create a strategy or RPG then more people will by it because they don’t like action but your game is the only new release that is not an action game. also if a big company like nivento are realeasing a fantasy RPG ( like poketmon) then you know that the ninvento fans like fantasy RPG (if it become a hit !) so you could make one as well and you might get some ninvento fans to buy your game. this would also increase the popularity of fantasy. altogether this mod would really enhanse the game and make it way more interesting and Awesome !!

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I’ve have long been wanting a mod, that changes MMO’s to include all game sizes not just large & AAA, I would do this myself but I don’t have good modding skills.

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I think there was a topic about changing lab researches. But why would anyone play a small-scaled MMO? XD

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Another set of Ideas

Creating Add-ons for Custom Consoles - This would be done in the Hardware lab and would be a way to increase sales on your custom console

An Ability to Create Programs for the PC -This would add an ability to create programs (like virus protection) for the PC and maybe an ability to create an OS (like windows or Linux)

A Evil or Good Corporation Feature - This would add the ability to do evil or good things, like : Bribing the Reviewers, Donating to Charity and more, these actions would change your public opinion which would effect the sales of your games

Hope you like my ideas,



there should be some kind of mod that let you make your own portable platformer or maybe even your own phones !!! maybe these phones could even compete with grphone and other in mod phones. r have tablets or ebooks !!! and add some researchies like:

  1. App making
  2. in game money making ( like get more coins in jet pack joyride or extra boosts like in angry birds)
  3. ever lasting app
    maybe you could create your own keyboards or cases to other consoles like mbox or playsystem. or create gaming specific graphis cards and porcessors.

small little mod that lets you do specific marketing like only tv adeverts or only adverts for woutube (youtube)
this would improve AAA game marketing alot

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A really cool mod would be one that removes the fact that the game score(not review scores) are compared to your previous game and thats what makes the review score. Instead, your game score should be compared to a preset game score witch gets higher each year(or each console generation, either one will do). This preset game score will represent the average game quality that year(or generation). This would make for some interesting gameplay as you will constantly have to evolve your team and tactics in order to keep up with the competition and struggle even more to get on top and stay on top of the evolving technology. After you finish the game it would go back to the original beat your score to get good reviews idea(or maybe someone else has an idea for after the game is finished). I would really like this mod because the way reviews work has slightly ruined the game for me. Thanks for reading!

more customization for custom consoles please :smile: you get to choose atleast 2 to 3 genres that would be great for it and target audience :smiley:


Someone make a damn mod where I can have 9 or more guys working together for my AAA`s :slight_smile:

Edit: This means I want to hire more employees.


I’m going to be addressing ideas I’ve seen here:

Percentages with sliders: [REL] Percentager 1.0.0
Different audience rating system (like ESRB): Well, this would be cool, but that would mean mods using the base system would no longer work.
Choose release date/how long the game takes: Choosing how long the game takes seems pretty complex, it would be easier to just allow choosing the release date. I will do that.
Multi-topics: I will be working on this, but there’s alot of things to consider here. This NEEDS to work with other mods, so what I’m thinking of doing is making the 2nd chosen topic a modifier for the first, meaning that it would compare all the stats of the two, and would subtract or add them based on the 2nd topic’s.
Rival companies: [WIP] CompetitorMod by kristof1104 & DzjengisKhan
DLC for non-MMO’s: I will do this.