Official Mod Ideas Topic

there should be some kind of mod that let you make your own portable platformer or maybe even your own phones !!! maybe these phones could even compete with grphone and other in mod phones. r have tablets or ebooks !!! and add some researchies like:

  1. App making
  2. in game money making ( like get more coins in jet pack joyride or extra boosts like in angry birds)
  3. ever lasting app
    maybe you could create your own keyboards or cases to other consoles like mbox or playsystem. or create gaming specific graphis cards and porcessors.

small little mod that lets you do specific marketing like only tv adeverts or only adverts for woutube (youtube)
this would improve AAA game marketing alot

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A really cool mod would be one that removes the fact that the game score(not review scores) are compared to your previous game and thats what makes the review score. Instead, your game score should be compared to a preset game score witch gets higher each year(or each console generation, either one will do). This preset game score will represent the average game quality that year(or generation). This would make for some interesting gameplay as you will constantly have to evolve your team and tactics in order to keep up with the competition and struggle even more to get on top and stay on top of the evolving technology. After you finish the game it would go back to the original beat your score to get good reviews idea(or maybe someone else has an idea for after the game is finished). I would really like this mod because the way reviews work has slightly ruined the game for me. Thanks for reading!

more customization for custom consoles please :smile: you get to choose atleast 2 to 3 genres that would be great for it and target audience :smiley:


Someone make a damn mod where I can have 9 or more guys working together for my AAA`s :slight_smile:

Edit: This means I want to hire more employees.


I’m going to be addressing ideas I’ve seen here:

Percentages with sliders: [REL] Percentager 1.0.0
Different audience rating system (like ESRB): Well, this would be cool, but that would mean mods using the base system would no longer work.
Choose release date/how long the game takes: Choosing how long the game takes seems pretty complex, it would be easier to just allow choosing the release date. I will do that.
Multi-topics: I will be working on this, but there’s alot of things to consider here. This NEEDS to work with other mods, so what I’m thinking of doing is making the 2nd chosen topic a modifier for the first, meaning that it would compare all the stats of the two, and would subtract or add them based on the 2nd topic’s.
Rival companies: [WIP] CompetitorMod by kristof1104 & DzjengisKhan
DLC for non-MMO’s: I will do this.

How about a meta-mod (or API or extension to the current API) that could tell you which mods are being used in each save game? This could be helpful in not corrupting saves with different mods.

After releasing first game, ability to research:

  • sequel
  • multi platform

Extended possibilities:

  • more genres
  • more topics
  • more computers, handhelds, consoles
  • expansion packs
  • remake


  • custom cover image for released games (would present nice in company history)
  • creating custom computer, handheld, console
  • creating addons for consoles (might be also part included with a game)

Please, modders (@Haxor, @SirEverard, @DzjengisKhan, @kristof1104, @Darkly, and others) do these things. If someone do this, i will be the happyest(?) person in the world

Quick question before I continue a mod. Im new to modding…well using ume. But is it bad to use or happen to have the same items of another mod. Aka same topics or research? I would hate to make a mod and not post it if it will upset people cuz I would look as though I stole the idea from them. Thanks

Those platforms(Except 3DS), and Arcade, are in my mod.
But for the rest I would need to read all the GDT code, and I am too lazy…

Hello guys,
I could not read all the previous and hope that someone has already asked:
I think it is extremely necessary that the games followed can store the balances of their predecessors. Moreover, in addition it would not hurt to create profiles to be stored for the balances by type.

It is possible to get it with a mod?
Thx :slight_smile:

I have some ideas, been paining my own mod, but i don’t know sh?! about java c:, it’s in spanish, sory :c, i am argetinian and i writed it like that…

Ideas principales:

Este MOD expande todo el GDT, desde la creación de videojuegos hasta los motores, e incluso
empresas rivales. Mas estrategia, mas inteligencia, mas tycoon.

Companias competidoras y/o proveedoras de software/hardware:

Intel, AMD, Nvidia, ASUS, Gigabite, Corsair, CoolerMaster, Kingston, G.Skill, Razer,
MadKatz, LG, Samsung, Dell, Alienware, Lenovo, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega,
Apple, Seagate, Western Digital, Valve, Phanasonic, Nokia, HTC, Commodore, Treyarch,
Electronic Arts, ActiVision, Maxis, Dice, EA Sports, Blizzard, Konami, Atari, GreenHearth
Games, EVGA, ATI, Oculus, Google, Yahoo, Trust, Qualcomm, JAVA, Adobe, Unity, Frictional
games, Red Barrels, BlackBerry, Motorola, ZTE, Infinity Ward, ESRB, Mojang, IBM,
Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Logitech, Rockstar,

Revistas, canales, companias y sitios web publicitarios o de entrevistas:

PC Gamer, Machinima, Youtube, CNN, 3D Juegos, Meristation, Trucoteca, SitioWeb, Canal de TV,
Revista, Radio, Canal en Youtube, Redes sociales, Ropa, Hardware personalizado, filtraciones, eventos
random (scripts del juego).

Capacidad de personalización del personaje: Pelo, Ojos, Nariz, Boca, Mejillas, barbilla,
orejas, bello facial, musculatura/peso, altura, formato de la cabeza, pies, manos,
pose, caminata, personalidad, preferencias, cultura y pensamiento, color de piel.

Capacidad de creación y personalización de videojuegos:

Crear una descripción, determinar Genero y/o subgeneros, tamaño de el juego, plataforma/s,
publico objetivo, motor, idea principal, expectación a travez de marketing, lugares de lanzamiento,
lenguajes, precio, historia de el juego, campaña, desarrollo de el juego, testear, corregir bugs mayores,
obtener una calificaciónde critica y lanzar.

Condiciones de creación y personalizacion de videojuegos:

No infringir las patentes de otros desarrolladores, no incluir contenido explicito (esta ley puede variar),
pensar MUY BIEN que tipo de juego quieres crear, para quien, y otros aspectos.

Capacidad de creación y personalizacion de motores: (nota: se pueden utilizar motores de terceros
como source, cuake, unity, etc.)

-Assets (Modelos 2D/3D, personajes, texturas, materiales, animaciones, scripts, sonidos)
-Interfaz de Programación (Se pueden utilizar terceras, como JAVA) (Interfaz simple, compleja,
-Renderizado (2D, 3D, 3D Avanzado)
-Objetos 3D (LowPoly, MidPoly, HighPoly, UltraPoly, UltraHighPoly)
-High Order Surface (Opcional)
-Culling (Opcional)
-BSP (Opcional, altamente recomendado) (Brushes/HeightMaps)
-Tesselation (Opcional)
-Iluminación (Pixel/Vertice, dependiendo la calidad de la tecnología del IDP)(Vertex/Phong)
-Light Map Generation (Opcional)
-Texturas (2D/3D, depende la calidad de la cantidad de lados por poligono y viceversa, distintas
calidades como fotorealistica, V7, V6, V5, texturas animadas, etc.)(Se pueden utilizar metodos
de aceleracion como MapeoMip o Texturas Multiples, algunas aumentan o disminuyen la calidad,
otras disminuyen o aumentan tiempos de carga, o el tamaño final de el juego)(Texturas 2D simples,
Texturas 2D medias, Texturas 2D complejas, Texturas 2D avanzadas, Texturas 2D Ultra) (Texturas 3D
Simples, Texturas 3D medias, Texturas 3D altas, Texturas 3D avanzadas, Texturas 3D Ultra, Texturas
3D Estereoscopicas avanzadas, Texturas 3D estereoscopicas avanzadas 2) ( Texturas Animadas bajas,
Texturas animadas medias, Texturas animadas altas, Texturas Animadas Ultra)
-BumpMapping (Opcional)
-AntiAlias (MSAA, FXAA, SSAA, TXAA, SSAA, X2 X4 X8 X16 X32 X64)(Los antialias mas altos
requieren mas memoria de video, ram y procesador, lo cual aumenta los requisitos, se puede
desactivar, pero aumentan los artefactos visuales)
-Stencil Shadowing (Opcional, muchos requerimientos)
-LOD (Muy Bajo, Bajo, Normal, Alto, Muy Alto, Ultra)
-Depth Testing y Sobre Dibujado
-Scripts (PreScripted y VisualScripted) (Comunes, Avanzados)
-Sonido (Sistema EAX, DirectX, OpenAL, Mono, Stereo, 2.1, 5.1, 7.1, 9,1, Digital Sorrund, Bandas
Sonoras, Pistas con Loopping, Voces de Famosos, Doblaje)
-Inteligencia Artificial (NPC’S, inteligencia simple, inteligencia avanzada, Inteligencia con Auto-
Aprendisaje, Inteligencia Realista)
-Soporte multi-plataforma/OS (Windos, linux, MacOS, distintas consolas, etc.)
-Sporte para MMO’S
-Físicas (simulacion de coliciones, gravedad, aire)
-Juego a travez de internet
-Soporte de MODS
-Lenguaje corporal (Simple/Avanzado/Realista/4D)
-Historia (Lineal, Ramificada)
-Mundo Abierto (Primera Generación, Segunda Generación)
-Resolución (Minima, 144P, 240P, 360P, VGA, 480P, HD, 720P, 768P, 1080P, 1440P, 4240P)
-FPS’S ( VSYNC, 5, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 80, 120, 175, 240, Infinitos)

Capacidad de creacion y personalizacion de hardware: (Todas las piezas pueden ser reemplazadas
por piezas propias) (Todo el hardware y software debera tener una garantia de calidad modificable)
(Para la mayoria del hardare se necesita una fabrica especial, como una fundicion de plastico, cobre,
etc., ensambladoras)


-Diseño de la carcasa
-Placa Principal (Asus, Intel, Amd, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, ATI) (Con sonido e internet integrados)
-CPU (Intel, AMD)
-RAM (G.Skill, Samsung, Corsair, KingSton)
-Targeta Grafica (MicroChip, Nvidia, AMD)
-Almacenamiento (HDD, SSD, WD, Intel, Samsung)
-Refrigeracion (Ventiladores Low-High end)
-Lector (Cartucho, CD-ROM, CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, digital)
-Resolucion Maxima (Standar, 144P, 240P, 360P, VGA, 480P, HD, 720P, 768P,
1080P, 1440P, 4240P)
-Sistema Operativo (Windows, Linux, Linux Based, Full custom)


-Caja ( Semitorres, Torres, Ultratorres, ASUS, CoolerMaster, Corsair, Dell, Alienware)(Gaming, Home,
-MotherBoard (Asus, Intel, Amd, GigaBite, Samsung, EVGA, Ati) (Gaming, Home, Work) (Pueden
incluir sonido e internet)
-CPU (Work, Home, Gaming, OverClocking, Intel, Amd)
-RAM (GDDR3, GDDR4, distintas velocidades y capacidades, G.Skill, KingSton, Corsair, Samsung)
-Targeta Grafica (Hasta 6-way, OverClocking, NVidia, Amd, EVGA, Gigabite, Asus, Ati)
-Targetas de sonido (no se aplican si la placa madre tiene sonido integrado, mono, stereo, 2.1, 5.1, 7.1,
9.1, Asus, Gigabite, Dell, Corsair)
-Targetas de internet (no se aplican si la placa madre tiene internet integrado, distintas velocidades,
Asus, Dell, Gigabite, Ati, Intel)
-Almacenamiento (HDD, SSD, SHD, sistemas RAID y distintas capacidades) (WD, KingSton, Intel,
Samsung, Dell, Corsair, Asus)
-Fuente (semi-modular, fuly-modular, depende la potencia de la fuente de los requisitos de el sistema) (
EVGA, Corsair, CoolerMaster)
-Refrigeracion (distintos tipos de ventiladores, refrigeracion liquida, o ambas, Corsair, Asus, SoundX,
-Monitor (1,2,3,4,5,6+, VSYNC, GSYNC, 3D, Standar, 144P, 240P, 360P, VGA, 480P, HD, 720P, 768P,
1080P, 1440P, 4240P, 30Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, 210Hz) (Samsung, LG, Dell, ASUS)
-Teclado (Home, Gaming, Work, Iluminacion, Razer, MadKatz, Dell, Alienware, Asus, EVGA,
Corsair, CoolerMaster, Trust)
-Mouse (Razer, MadKatz, Dell, Alienware, Asus, EVGA, Corsair, CoolerMaster, Trust)
-Auriculares (Mono, Stereo, Surround, Razer, Corsair, Sony)
-Sonido (Lg, Samsung, Corsair, ASUS, Mono, Stereo, 5.1, 7.1)
-Sistema Operativo (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Propio)
-Optica (LG, Samsung, One, Dual, BlueRay, CD, DVD, Read-Burn)


-Carcasa (Solo prefabricada, Aluminio, Oro, Titanio, Diamante, Plastico, Silicona FLEX, Grafito)
-Pantalla (AMoled, Samsung, LG, Nokia, 3D, Standar, 144P, 240P, 360P, VGA, 480P, HD, 720P, 768P,
1080P, 1440P, 4240P, 30Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, Tactil) (1", 1,8", 2", 2,7", 3", 3,7", 4,1", 4,7", 5,6",
5,9", 6", 6,3", 6,7")
-Camara (Carl Zeizz, Sony, Samsung, PureViewNokia, 0,5Mpx, 1Mpx, 2Mpx, 2,5Mpx, 5Mpx, 8Mpx,
12Mpx, 16Mpx, 24Mpx, 36Mpx, 41Mpx, 63Mpx, 88Mpx) (Flash Led, Dual Led, XEnon, Dual
XEnon, Cuad-D LX, Cuad-D LX Color/I) (Zoom Optico/Digital x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, x96)
(Soporte 3D) (Camara frontal) (AutoFocuss)
-Linterna (Quad-Q LZ Color/I)
-Laser (One, Dual Color)
-Entradas y Salidas (USB x1, x2 [Mini, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, Type c], Ethernet, One/Dual External Memory
Up to 256Gb, One/Dual Sim Slot (Nano, Micro), Dual in 3,5 MIC/JACK out, Infrarojos)
-Botones (Teclado Slide Vertical/Orizontal, Botones Tactiles TracX, MPad, Volumen, Encedido/Off,
Bloqueo, Camara/Flash)
-Procesador (Qualcoom, Intel, Nvidia, AMD) (Distintas velocidades)
-MicroChipset Grafico (Nvidia, Adrueno, Qualcoom, Amd) (Soporte Dual)
-Placa Base (Intel, Qualcoom, Nvidia, Amd, Soporte dual, soporte de actualizacion)
-Memoria interna (10Mb, 100Mb, 1Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb, 128Gb, 256Gb)
-Bateria (Samsung, LG, Nokia, 100Mlh, 400Mlh, 1000Mlh, 1500Mlh, 2000Mlh, 3000Mlh, 5000Mlh)
-Sistema Operativo (Android, Windows Phone, Linux Based, MeeGo, Custom)
-Conexion (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, UMA, IRDA, DualB, QuadB, Wi-Fi, BlueThoot)
-Parlantes (Mono, Stereo, 5,1, 7,1)


-Carcasa (Solo prefabricada) (Gaming, Work, Home, Music) (Peso, Comodidad)
-Conexion (Inalambrico [Wi-Fi, Bluethoot, Red Local], alambrico [3,5, 2,5, 2, USB]
-Sonido (Mono, Stereo, 5,1, 7,1, 9,1, Digital Surround)


-Estilo (Home, Gaming, Work, MultiMedia, Teclas Personalizables, Modular, Pantalla)
-Iluminación (Blanca, Colores, Personalizables, RetroIluminación Avanzada)
-Teclado (Mecanico, Lap)
-Conexión (USB, BlueThoot, Wi,Fi, Cable de Teclado)


-Carcasa (Home, Gaming, Work, Teclas Personalizables, Ergonomico, Modular, AmDiestro)
-Iluminación (Led, Xenon, Perzonalizable, Logo)
-Modulo detector ( Laser, Rueda, Medio, Medio-Alto, Alto, Avanzado)
-Conexión (Cable de mouse, USB, Multi-Inalambrico)

Sistemas de Sonido:

-Carcasa (Gaming, Home, MultiMedia)
-Sonido (Baja calidad, Media calidad, Alta calidad, Mono, Stereo, 2,1, 5,1, 7,1, 9,1,)
-Conexión (USB, JACK 3,5, 2,5, HDMI, BlueThoot)


-Chipset (Compatibles con Intel/AMD o Propio)
-Nucleos (1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, 32, 64)
-Caché (500Kb, 1Mb, 2Mb, 5Mb, 10Mb, 16Mb, 20Mb, 32Mb, 64Mb)
-Velocidad de Reloj (En Ghz)
-Velocidad turbo maxima (En Ghz)
-Soportes (OverClocking, Dual/Quad, RAM, 32Bit, 64Bit)
-Estilo (Home, Work, Gaming)
-OverClocking (Si/no)

Targeta Grafica:

-Nucleos Cuda ( Cualquier Numero)
-Procesadores (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
-Frecuencia de Reloj (Mhz)
-Frecuencia Maxima (Mhz)
-Tasa de relleno de texturas (GigaTexels/Sec)
-Frecuencia de memoria (Gb/Sec)
-Memoria (Gbs)
-Antialias (Estilos soportados)
-Resolucion Maxima (Digital y VGA) (Coincidencia con resolucion de juego y pantalla)
-Multipantalla (x2, x3, x4, x6, x8, +)
-OverClocking (Si/no)

Placas Madre:

-CPU (Universal/Propio)
-ChipSet (X99, Z87, etc)
-Memoria (x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, DIMM DDR4/DDR3)
-GPU (One/Dual/Quad/Octa, 1Way, 2Way, 3Way, 4Way, 5Way, 6Way, SLI, CrossFire)
-Wireless (Incluido o no) ( Wi-Fi, BlueThoot)
-Audio (Incluido o no) (Placa interna, Mono, Stereo, 5,1, 7,1, 9,1, Digital Surround )
-Estilo (Gaming, Home, Work)
-OverClocking (Si/no)


-Tipo de memoria (Home, Gaming, Work, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5)
-Capacidad (500Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb, 128Gb, 25Gb) ( 1x0,5, 1x1,1x2, 1x4,
1x8, 2x8, 4x8, 16x8, 32x8, 64x8, all viceversa)
-Velocidad de reloj (Mhz)
-OverClocking (Si/no)


-Interfaz ( SATA 3, SATA 6, SATA 12)
-Bufer (32Mb, 64Mb, 128Mb, 256Mb)
-Capacidad (500Gb, 1Tb, 6Tb 10Tb, etc)


-Capacidad (Cualquiera)
-Velocidad de lecura/escritura (En Mbs/sec)
-Interfaz (Todas en SSD)

Monitores y Pantallas:

-Estilo de pantalla (Rayos Catolicos, Plasma, LCD, LED, IPS, Normal, Wide, UltraWide, AMoled)
-Resolución (Standar, 144P, 240P, 360P, VGA, 480P, HD, 720P, 768P, 1080P, 1440P, 4240P)
-Frecuencia de actualización ( 30Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, 210Hz )
-Colores (2, 10, 256, 600000, Todos(+) )
-Soportes (Dual, Trial, Quad, Exa, Octa, VSync, GSync, 3D, Tactil)
-Tamaño (1", 1,8", 2", 2,7", 3", 3,7", 4,1", 4,7", 5,6",5,9", 6", 6,3", 6,7", 7", 10", 12", 14", 15", 18",
21", 24", 32", 41", 50", 64", 82")


-Material (Aluminio, Oro, Titanio, Diamante, Plastico, Silicona FLEX, Grafito, Fibra de Carbono)
-Iluminación (LED, Zenon, Fluorecente, Patrones)
-Estilo y soportes (Ergonomicos, Gaming, Home, Multimdia, Work, Teclas, DualSided, Modular)


-Megapixeles (0,5Mpx, 1Mpx, 2Mpx, 2,5Mpx, 5Mpx, 8Mpx,12Mpx, 16Mpx, 24Mpx, 36Mpx,
41Mpx, 63Mpx, 88Mpx, etc)
-Flash (Flash Led, Dual Led, XEnon, Dual XEnon, Cuad-D LX, Cuad-D LX Color/I)
-Zoom (Zoom Optico/Digital x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, x96)
-Soportes (3D, AutoFocuss, Etc.)


I will write in spanish excuse me if someone don’ t understand me.
Eso son muchas cosas para poner en un solo mod, seria que diferentes personas cojieran ideas i las separan.
Lo de personalizacion de componentes de pc ya hay un mod que lo permite me parece.

I know it’s been mentioned a few times, but I’d like to +1 a multi-topic mod. It would function and appear a lot like the vanilla multi-platform tech, but maybe order of topic wouldn’t matter. I’m not sure how it would work in terms of math. If you average the weights naively you would end up with weird doubles like 0.85, and I’m not sure that GDT is okay with that.

Some people worked in multi-topic mod and (i don’t remember who) give me his work in this idea but to develop this mod require a deep look in the score calculation function and modification it which is a hard work if want to do correctly.

@DzjengisKhan is working very hard in making this a reality. [REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon

My idea it is to create the operating system for computer or mobile, or console.
Example: create a OS for mobile as Android, iOS, Windows Phone