My ideas for GDT2

First of all, loved your game! 31 hours in, “beat it” a couple times now. And i also love how you guys seem to be focusing on strategy sims. I agree, far too few of them on the market. Keep pumping them out to steam, and i will keep buying w/e you release (as long as the quality persists)!
That said, just gonna post some things Id like to see in Game Dev Tycoon 2 (i dont expect a game catered directly for me, and if anyone agrees or disagrees feel free to post).

  1. Pause/fast forward options! Sometimes the game moves too fast for me (i realize you can click anywhere and pause), and sometimes it is too slow (creating triple A games, new engines ect). And maybe have reviews show up instantly.

  2. Placeable items, buying land! I personally like buying and placing my own items in tycoon games. So instead of just buying an R&D room fully furnished, you buy the extra land, build a room, and can slowly buy the necessary equipment for it, setting it up how you like.

  3. Competition! Other Dev companies that make games as well, with lists and stats of their/your net worth, list of games and their reviews, and a little more far fetched, have a “spy” that can leak information/research from that company. The company doesnt even need to really exsist in the game (like an HQ, just seeing a chart of who is worth most, with more details if you clicked them maybe). And then being able to buyout other companies if you have the cash, or in the sad case of someone like THQ, buy some games that were already in development (buying another company would lead to point 4)

  4. More staff, more branches! Micro management is a big reason i like tycoon games. So, having more staff in a single building would be nice. Or buying another Dev Studio somewhere. Or both! Work on multiple different games at once (would need the pause/fast forward function).

  5. Details/stats, on everything! What was in my last engine again? A nice list of all the games i have released and their reviews (not the sidescrolling, 3 at a time list)

6.More options! The current trend is action you say? No money, better use kickpublicsmoneyintoyourbankaccount-er (yea i couldnt come up with a creative name for that) Or kind of along the lines of publishing, maybe buy liscenses from Ducasfilms and make a new starbattles (game that already has fans/name for itself)

  1. Release this game tomorrow! I have successfully talked myself into buying this game already.

So those are my main ideas (even though stolen from other games i have played mostly), although im sure i wont be dissapointed with whatever you release. I have added your site to my favorites, and will check back regularly. So if you use kickpublicsmoneyintoyourbankaccount-er for your next game, post it on your site, sit back, and shut up and take my money!

Nice ideas, but there are some which I saw in another topics. I want some good mod or new game from Greenheart.

Great post but some mods are being worked on to do number 3 and 5 when I get home I will link them to you.

Sone the mods may get so complex to the point where you can do all of this. :slight_smile:

I hate typing on my phone.

Competition mod: [WIP] CompetitorMod by kristof1104 & DzjengisKhan

More Info: [WIP] Expansion: InfoStatsMod - 0.4.2

Thank you :smile:

Excellent news! That should hold me over, thanks for the info guys!

They are all in early alpha so there is no downloads for them. :frowning: