CompetitorMod open source

Hi Everyone,

I decided to release the source code for CompetitorMod:


I never got to finishing the project so it’s still a beta version, I’ll accept pull requests if people want to contribute to it. I May occasionally provide updates to the mod in the future.

It contains a lot of useful code examples, you are free to use the code in any way you want, go wild :stuck_out_tongue: and create some cool stuff :smiley:

Special Thanks & credits to @DzjengisKhan for creating the publisher contract parts!
Special Thanks to @PatrickKlug & @DanielKlug

Kind Regards,


Cool stuff. Will be using this for sure. :+1:

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As this is one of the most advanced mods out there, it’s great to see that you have opened it up for development.
I’d encourage anyone who is interested in creating unique mods to check it out.


GOOD!! Download link?

You can download the mod using command line (if you have Git installed) or you can simply head over to the GitHub page, press green Clone or download button and select Download ZIP from the drop down menu.