My Ideas/Mod Suggestions

Hello All, I am a fellow gamer and although I don’t have a lot of knowledge on coding and modding (other than something simple like installing mods on Minecraft and changing images and sounds for a F2P game called “Cross Fire” (don’t play it, it sucks now)) I have a few suggestions and ideas for mods!

For right now, I only have 1 main suggestion and I don’t know if it has been done or is in progress but at least hear me out.

1. Buying out smaller companies.
a. Point of the mod would be to buy out smaller dev companies which would allow you to create more games at a time, get more help, more research points, etc.
b. I’d assume that there would have to be a “world map” so you can jump from 1 company to another with a max of 5 or 6 including the one you start off with.
c. You can build upgrades for these companies as usual but they will be more limited and will not have a huge burst of income unless their game scores big. The profit gets divided between your main and the smaller company .
c1. There could be a slider to determine the split but the split cannot be higher than 50/50 or 60/40.
c2. Depending on the split can depend on how hard and good the main product becomes.
d. Resarch Developments will either be limited to 2 total companies or to all companies but they will not be as effective.
e. Hardware will be available for 1 or 2 total.

I don’t know if mods will work together but add this with the expansion pack mod or a mod that continues more advanced consoles and tech and it should be great!

… Well that’s my main suggestion… I suppose if this sounds possible. Maybe it’s a bit too much and not worth it, let me know… Again, I don’t have a lot of experience here.

Let’s Have Fun!

2 more suggestions for mods:

1. Alternative gaming history.
a. Basically what if’s on consoles that never made it. I don’t want to get into too much details or examples just so everyone gets a new experience.

2. This can possibly put into the same mod as alternative gaming history.
The idea is to change what the public wants more often. Instead of just the trend of the year, have the game cycle in a 2-5 year period… Example: space/E games are good, but are horrible in this cycle.
Either have a cycle or just change things up.

EDIT #2: (Either via Mod or from the devs themselves)
Office Decorations, New Office Building:
So this is a semi-useless to mechanics mod or update but it would be neat if we could interact with the work-space and change the wall colors and add/upload our own wall patterns 'n such.

  • A new office building but one that can be modified and changed so it doesn’t look like a class room (the 1 thing that I really dislike about the game).
  • Pets!: There’s a game on Armor Games that I can’t remember the title right now but you could buy pets n such to raise the productivity.
  • Mood Swings: i don’t think this should be done to be really sensitive but let’s say that you over-work an employee by giving him/her a workload of 110% or higher. Their mood will drop slightly. If this keeps happening, they will not produce as well. This can be implemented at the Tech park level but it will be very forgiving.
  • Bonuses: The way to combat their mood is if the game sells well, there will be a slight mood change but then you can offer the employee a bonus for their efforts. Depending on the size of the bonus will depend on whether the mood meter will swing more up or completely up.
  • Jealousy:
    Ties in with the bonuses where there will be a small percent chance 5% - 10% (this will happen more likely on the higher levels) that another employee will receive word about the bonus. Then their mood meter will go down slightly but not enough to damage productivity.
  • Meetings:
    Meetings will also help to raise every employee’s mood and will give a slight increase to their stats.

Part 2:

  • Sponsorships: Get local and big businesses to sponsor your game! Be careful though, too much sponsorships in 1 game can hurt reviews. Sponsor’s also want to make sure the game will sell so if the game doesn’t sell a certain amount of units within its first month, you get penalized.
  • YouTube equivalent: Get the guys from the R&D to create and upload videos for YouTube and make some side money! The next step to this is to again use R&D to research hubs and then hire a group of YouTubers to create videos for your channel!

Part 3 Energy:

  • Better way to know the energy of your employees… I have multiple saves and I get kinda get confused on who’s at the brink of his/her energy and who’s ready to go.
  • Notes Option: Be able to write your own notes in-game as to projects, what’s going on in the particular world and so-on.

Part 4 Topic Paring:

  • Be able to have more than 1 topic in your game. Ex. Sci-Fy/Space or Military/Alternate History, etc.
  • Also suggestion for a new topic which is “Cartoons”. So I can make games like Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, etc.

Part 5 Giveaways:

  • Do game/console giveaways during G3 and on your own event!
  • Choice of 10-100 winners!

New Game Mode Suggestion:
People have been suggesting similar ideas so that inspired me to think of this.

  • Have competition with a rival company. The rival can attempt sabatoge and develope games with similar topics in an attempt to out-hype your game.
  • Neither the rival or you will know what each other is working on until stage 2 of the development.
  • Will be a set of options such as “attempt sabatoge”, “attempt leak information”, and maybe more…
  • The rivals will from time to time send someone over to interview you. Something will not be right, whether it’s the reporter’s name, company, grammar or questions which you may refuse to answer. Careful though, if you don’t respond to legit reporters, you won’t gain fans or hype.
  • There can be multiple goals such as: own the rival company, be first to get out of the garage, upgrade, build a console, make a AAA game, make an MMO game, gain a certain amount of fans, etc.*
    *these can also be side-goals and have all at once.

New Idea:
Sequel Combo’s:

Basically it’s taking 2 games that have been successful and combining them into 1 massive game. Depending on how close the genre’s for each game are can depend on whether or not it’s a good combination. Example, a Military Action wouldn’t really combine all that well with a fantasy RPG.

Mod/Development Idea:
News/Events Box:

So the idea this time is that since the game pauses every time a console is released or there’s rumors of a new console coming out, I was thinking that maybe a “News Box” can be added into the game that will allow the game to continue playing while the events will appear as a headline.

Example would be if the PlaySystem was coming out, you’d see a headline “PlaySystem to be released in x months!” Then you can either click on the headline to open up the full message, or just keep playing with no interruption!


The idea is instead of starting out in the 80’s, you start out around the time the 360 comes out.
You start off with a team of 3 (including you) and make medium sized games.
At the start you will be able to choose what training your team has. Ex. Grapple Coding, Micronoft, Nivento, etc.
you can choose up to 2 to start with…
Which means if you choose grapple and micronoft, you can develop games for grapple and pc.
New events such as being given an opportunity to port your game(s) to other platforms and so-on…
New engine parts as well such as pixelated graphics, 16 bit soundtrack, ameature voice acting and more until you become a larger company and can afford the real deal type of engine parts.
More ideas about this mode might be added later.

EDIT # I Lost Count Okay?!

Cathphrases, Iconic Items and Characters!:

Catchphrase (5 RP) , Iconic Item (10 RP) , Iconic Character (15 RP)
Catchphrase: Type in any word or words you wish to create a catchphrase for your game. Be careful though, as too many words might not catch on or too little might not get your point across.
Iconic Item: Choose from a list of items (Crowbar, Lead Pipe, Magical Staff, Pixelated Weapon, etc.) to place in your game that will be seen very often.
Iconic Character: Create a unique character that will stand out from the other games and give him/her a name!

The idea is that you choose your catchphrase/item/character in the first screen where you pick your game topic, genre etc. For medium games, you can only have 1 of these features per game, for Large 2, and for AAA all 3.

If the game becomes a hit, there will be a pop-up from the news or a blogger stating "The catchphrase used in the game [Enter Catchphrase Here] really caught on!"
or "The [Iconic Item] really made the game feel that much better"
or “[Enter Iconic Character] really connected with the fans!”

Only 1 of these items will be chosen per game even if all 3 were used, only 1 of them will stand out the most.

If a sequel is made and the Catchphrase/Item/Character wasn’t used again, it won’t affect the game review scores but it can affect the sales and possibly even the fan-base. Again, only 1 item will be chosen as what made the game stuck out the most. So you can always change the other special features, just not the 1 that the fans loved the most. Changing any of the others will not affect sales or fan-base.
Part 2:
Rarity of item/character
Be given a 2nd option when you select your item/character by choosing how easy or hard it is to collect/unlock.
This can determine how iconic or legendary your item/character is.
Certain combinations between an item and its rarity can help or hurt the popularity of that item and same goes for the character.

EDIT Mambo #5:
More Console Diversity:

So the idea for today ladies and gentlemen, is to be able to design your console for a specific purpose.
Whether that be having the top of the line hardware, or coming up with a new way to experience gaming.
That could be done with a unique controller, headset, arm-controller, etc.
The price may cost the same or more due to these special customized parts.

2nd Part of this Console Diversity Edit is more layouts and Special Editions:

Have more body layouts and instead of having them already painted, for them to just be black and grey.
You’ll have a paint tool to choose the color scheme for your console and controller and any other accessory attached to the console.
Also, have the ability to choose different patterns such as grid lines going across the console, country flags I guess, smiley faces, etc.
And 1 more thing, be able to have the option to upload your own console body layouts, console, controller or patterns into the game.

Special Editions:
Be able to create a special edition console that is themed with the current game you’re developing, or if you already had a previous console, be able to use the same paint scheme as the original.
On top of all that, also be able to create unique editions such as my favorite 'See-Through" cases, inverted color scheme, industrial (all rusted), steampunk, liquid, and more!
And also have the ability to upload your own special edition console designs to the game. Although this might be a little useless since you’ll be able to upload the same picture and use it as a main console.


Well… You might be interested in Competitor Mod by @kristof1104 . You can buy companies, but the mod is in really early alpha.

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Sorry guys I was a bit in a rush when I wrote this.

I’m glad that someone’s already working on this kind of mod. I have a few more ideas for this mod but I’m not sure if I just post it here or do I try to contact @kristof1104 ?

Just post at His mod`s topic.


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Alright, thank you!

No Problem.

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Added a couple more suggestions.

Added another handful of suggestions. I’m going to keep updating my post here so I don’t create multiple topics and crowd the forums.

Everyone who’s modding or the original developers, check out this thread and see if there’s anything you want to use in your mods or updates!

The camelot mod is also supposed to have competition and a :green_heart: load of other features so that might work still in the works tho

Right. I’ve been checking out the details and features that the Camelot and the expansion packs are planning to have.

I’m just trying to put my ideas out there so those guys, the devs and anyone else can look at and see if there’s anything they want to use.

More suggestions!

Game Mode suggestion! Read the first post!

Cleaned up the 1st post a little, to be easier to read. Added “Part 5 Giveaways”, just before the “New Game Mode Suggestion”

1 more suggestion added to the main post, also a bump for anyone who is modding and is looking for some ideas.

Most if not all of them are impossible to make using UME. Anyway, my mod is Moodd.

I wouldn’t say all of them are impossible but in any case, it’s at least something the devs can look at when they make the sequel.

Added 1 more idea that I really would like to see in this game.
I think it’s a bit tough for a person to mod this but I don’t know.

New Game Mode idea: Indie Dev Tycoon.
Details in the first post as always.

New idea in the main post
"Edit # I Lost Count Okay?"

It’s about catchphrases, iconic items and characters!

Another idea struck my head yet again and this time referring to consoles!

Read about my idea in the main post under “EDIT Mambo #5