If you could change/improve/add ONE thing in Game Dev Tycoon, what would it be?

I just bought this off Steam and it’s been crazy addictive.

One thing I would love to see changed is the games list. Be it for Games History or in the Games development screen, the games list becomes very troublesome to navigate as you progress through the game with sequels and MMO expansion packs. Would be better if it is displayed as a table with options to expand and display related games in one series.

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Pause button so I can give all employees tasks at the same time, then unpause.

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Show the engine that was used on the game history page and/or add an engine history page.


I would add 4D Graphics to the R&D lab.

@PatrickKlug I would love to see this!

Looks like it’s happening, except it’s not your previous attempts. Some features you listed I also don’t know about, but the mod made by kristof has something that you defined.

Less design and tech bolbs, I mean like 1 bolb for 25 points and put the number in like you do with the research points.

More control over time. More like in The Sims or Simcity. To be able to micro manage at real time or at hours instead of week. Maybe even pause the game to look at stats.


Some kind of DashBoard view, where we can see important info. Like what type of game goes well with categories/plateform/target public. So we can plan better what kind of game we want to do next. The same with where we should put our energy on the game. the — and +++ that we see in every step of the development are cool, but we should be able to see this before starting our actual dev. So we can plan better.


An Online mode would be nice, but really, there’s one thing I would like most of all, Fully Customizable employees, giving them stats, name them, choose their outfit, But really, there’s so many things that can be added, impletmented into game fron scenery objects like the vending machines in thre 3rd office, or the game machine in the second office, just to a few…

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I am sick of going bankrupt because I created a great game and no way to score 120% better on my next game. Better mechanics needed.

The easy way to do it…
I suggest tweaking the expected game score lower every time you release a low score game so the the next game will not need such high score and you can survive. In real life if a great strategy game is release, then fans expect the sequel to the game be better. However if 1 or more strategy game is release on sub par standards, the fans expectation should be lower, hence the expected game score should be lower.

For example, you release a 100 design and 100 tech game and get perfect 10 score, then the next game should have 120 design and 120 tech to get the perfect score. But if a sub par game is release by competitor, fans expectation lowered and a 108 design and 108 tech game will be acceptable to get perfect 10 score. Another sub par game and the expected game score will be 97.2 design and 97.2 tech etc.

I think all this can be done by adding some modifier to the expected game score. The following is taken from the success guide in the wiki

Target_Score = Top_Score + Top_Score_Modifier,
where Top_Score_Modifier is:

if (not in garage) and (Top_Score - 2nd_Top_Score) > (0.2 Top_Score)
then 0.2 Top_Score
else whichever is greater:
Top_Score - 2nd_Top_Score
0.12 * Top_Score

Meaning, Target_Score can range from 112.5% to 120% of your Top_Score, depending on how your Top Score compares to your 2nd Top Score.

By adding some modifier to reduce / increase the target score (temporary by bribe) and top score (permanent by latest game that are better / suck) it may be easy for you to code. I did not see the code myself so what I am suggesting is base on my guess.

Also you can degrade the expected game score with time. If a year has pass and no strategy game is released, then the expected game score will decrease like 10% or something. In real life, if a type of game is not released for a long time, fans of the gene are willing to accept a lower standard and give more hype / pay more when one comes around. See star citizen, more and 35 million crowd-funding now. People will be desperate and buy any games.

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Become a publisher would be really cool, maybe also adding some features about your personal engine to use it in other games created by other companies

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Chance to license other dev’s games or engines and to race with other companies games and a 50-60 year lenght.

My one thing: either reduce the RP cost of research and training options, or remove the RP charge for training options entirely. I found myself in the position of either training my staff or carrying out research.


We have this now!

Uhh… that post was before 1.4.0…

Again, before 1.4.0

I am against removing or lowering this, because it would make the game too easy.

In real life developers will have to make decisions aswell when it comes to training employees.
Of course they don’t have Research Points to worry about, but they will have to take time management and money into account.

There are many ways to make sure you never lack RP throughout the game. ( without cheating )

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I would add the ability to release DLC for non-mmos