(Idea) This would be the best mod ever!

OK think of this for a mod, a mod that would let you buy other game companies(After u finished the game’s story) so say that u want to buy a company called Vbisoft(would have to make fake company names ) for 20 Mill so they would produce and make the game but u would get most of the profit sort of like how Bungie is owned by Microsoft or They think of the conspet and u say yes or no, then u fund the project and u get XXX amout of money

JUST THINK ?! SO if some1 could make this mod and tell me dat would be awesome

I dont know how to mod ;(

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yeah but you cant buy there company and make them make games for you ?!

Yes you can, thats why I’ve shown you this mod.

oh ok ;(

But don’t be sad!
It’s a good mod, and it works

I KNOW BUT i thought it was my original idea ;( ?!

There are no original ideas.
Like this guy named… someone,
he thought about that like 2000 years ago.
Don’t worry.



Do you not read?

Yes, i read. I’m just repeating it for those who don’t read. (;

Lol, if they don’t read then they won’t read yours either.

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That’s a good point XD



You see? They actually listen to me :stuck_out_tongue: