Ideas for Game Dev Tycoon 2

allow the user to choose prices over games

There should be atari consoles to.

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if you add multiplayer mode that would be great

@Ilham_Fathoni There akready is multiplayer

Also why are you reviving an old topic From Feb 13?

There is a mod that does this. (I can’t remember the name.)

CompetitorMod. But keep in mind that this topic was created in September, before modding was officially supported :stuck_out_tongue:

@Darkly, it still works perfectly. At the moment I am doing a playthrough and I’m in year 37… had no problems so far.

I meant this topic :stuck_out_tongue:

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I totally misread that. :blush:

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Game Dev Tycoon 2 “untitled”

I want next GDT 2 to become more realistic like in real life. I love GDT and I’m still playing it. Greenheart games should continue working on making a new game for the gamers. I have a lot of respects for Greenheart games.

Ideas for next GDT 2:

Companies - Pick a logo that matches the name of your company.

Offices - Offices should look more realistic than the currently GDT. In Offices, you can buy and change desks and computers. DLC for more computers and desks.

Employees - Human resources, engineers, developers, designers, and game testers. You as a CEO, you review the job applications, and then call them set up for the interview. Suppose a employee has a BA and has a bad background check and his/her GPA was very good. Maybe you decide to hire or not to hire him/her.

Salaries and Bonuses - Employees average salary would be between 35k to 160k a year. If the games sell very well and you pay your employees cash bonus for their hard work.

Games and consoles - Game consoles should look in 3D, when you decide to rotate the console where you want to put HDMI in the back and disc tray in the front. And secondly, the employees should take a step by step making a video game. For instance, the designers start to making a game first to pick the graphic, and the developer pick the engine last. You send the games to the game testers and they will let you know if the games have a lot of bugs.

For the gamers - I hope we can donate money to support the greenheart games. I hope they can put our names in the game. You would hire a designer that he/she has a same name as your.

What about Awards? Game of The Year and such?

Yes that too.

Ideas are excellent.

This will be the BIGGEST Game in Greenheart Games!!! :green_heart:





Nice list but I think another good feature to add in would be more feedback when you would make a game as reports and reviews don’t give you that much.

What you have said about having the offices look more realistic isn’t really the style GHG’s is going for, plus the cartoonish but mature style gives the Game uniqueness to stand out.

I think that the should add just about everything that you said, along with almost everything everybody else added with mods.

Multiplayer killed the simulation genere

no it didn’t

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Yes yes it did