[REL] Cheat Mod by kristof1104

Hi Everyone,

I got bored and decided to make a cheat mod for Game Dev Tycoon.
Using the mod to cheat will prevent your savegame from getting corrupt.



  • Add Money

  • Add Research Points

  • Add Fans

  • Add Dream Team ( Fill your team with Expert Teammembers)

  • Move To Final level ( Hardware and RnD lab included)

  • Ability to add AAA research

  • Move in Time function, you can now goto any date in the game.

  • Money can now be added By 1M, 10M, 20M

  • Staff members don’t need Vacation.

    • Hype can now be added by 100 points.
    • Always perfect games mode added.
    • Added A No Bugs Mode (No bugs during game creation)
    • Unlock All Topics (Research All Topics)
    • Fixed a problem with the No Bugs Mode
    • Added Fast Research/Training Mode (Research/Training is almost instant)
    • Female staff members added tot 1337 dreamTeam.
    • Fixed bug in Fast Reseach Mode, Training staff now works again.
    • Added Feature to give yourself Pro developing skills.
    • Added Feature to create Random strong trends!
    • Random 11 out of 10 scores now possible in “Always perfect games mode”.
    • Add hype by 10 , 50 and 100
    • Add Fans by 1M , 10M and 100M
      • Fixed bug in Add DreamTeam ( sometimes in lvl 4 it would only add 4 staff members).
    • Added Feature ,Users can now add Tech levels ( For example Graphics V3 lvl 15 …)
    • Added Feature to allow users to add Design & Tech points to a game during game development
    • Added Feature To Add Sequel games
    • Added Feature To allow users to add Design & Tech points by 10 or 100
    • Added Feature To allow players to easily add ResearchPoints by a + button.
    • Added Boost L2 for DreamTeam
    • Added Feature To add a B-Team: stats are at 700 instead of 1000.
      • Added Feature To Add 1B Money
    • Added Feature To Show/Unlock All Hints (Topic Genre Combo,Training, Platforms Genre & Audience, Topic Audience)
      1.0.3 - Fixed bug with Unlock All hints
    • Unlock Casual games & Sequels when starting new games
    • Added simple way to set money and fans for mod testing.

    Remark: Hints will not be saved, need to activate this function every time you restart the game!

GONE: download workshop edition (there are some fakes out there make sure i’m the poster of the mod!)


The Small “+” will add by 10 points & The Big “+” Will add by 100

Greetz Kristof


nice one! I think you are the first to add some custom UI too :smile:

Just a couple of comments. As mentioned here please don’t distribute the gdt-modAPI with your own mod. We really need to create a modding template so that ppl. don’t clone the gdt-modAPI to start their own mod…

And please fill out the package.json with your own values (url points to our mod).

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and you should add a dependency to gdt-modAPI as shown here.

one last suggestion. I’m just working on some slight UI improvements for the Mods window and in the next version we will show the version number of mods and the url as well so it’s better if you don’t include the version number in the name.

Thx patrick! It was fun creating it!

I’ll take care of it first thing tomorrow!
Should I take the download down for now?

Kind regards

no, you can leave it up but thanks for applying the changes in the next update :slight_smile:

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The mod is great, but one bug I found was that it always give 1M fans no matter what I click. I don’t know if it is just mine that acting funny, but I you can fix it that would be awesome.

Thank you for the mod.

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Thank you!

I was so sleepy I made a little bug it’s fixed now :grin:

Here is the new version:

For those who already installed cheatmod, you’ll get an error when you replace it with the latest version. (because I changed the ID of the mod)
To Fix this just ignore the error and open the main menu and reactivate Cheatmod in the mods panel.
After that restart GDT and you’re set.

So Enjoy!

@PatrickKlug thanks for the feedback, I applied all the changes you asked :slight_smile:


Just included your mod into my index! Good job man!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Is the Mods menu from your mod or is it in the game now?

The Mods menu is in the actual beta version now. It got updated yesterday.

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never mind found it

Works great


I have request to add on

Perfect reviews always get 10

What Romire says I want to be able to make AAA games.

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There is a bug where your Character is the only one putting effort into the game and not your staff.

Thanks for the feedback!

@Romire could you elborate a bit? Would you like every game to be a 10?

Did you give your new staff the welcome training? this is mandatory
And can you elaborate a bit about the AAA games? you want a button that makes the AAA research available?


The mod is showing on the mod menu but it’s red and I can’t select it. Any ideas?

Do you have the official gdt-modAPI in the mods folder? Cheatmod(and all other mods) depend on it.
If you don’t have it you can download it at:

Thank you! It works perfectly.

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New version added!

Added feature:

  • Ability to move straight to the Last level of Game Dev Tycoon ( Hardware and RnD-lab included ).

As always I would love some feedback, or requests!