Anyone know why I can not put the game dev tycoon in Beta - Beta?

You ask where to find the mod folders when you even gave a picture of it…

but I do not think the folder-master, it seems I do not have it

do you see the mods having -master at it end of theirs names??? that are the ones you are supposed to remove -.-

nothing happened, and only the cheat mod that not working

what is the content of that folder?

Download cheat mod you will know. Link to mod: [REL] Cheat Mod by kristof1104

Lol no we need YOUR version of the mod.

is this version

…we need your folder of it.
take a screenshot.

If we’re going to be able to help you, you need to provide information. You managed to take a screenshot of your mods folder, so why not of your cheatmod’s folder?

and here:

and here:

I told you to remove “-master” from the end of all the folders.

no, but in the other folders nothing happens, the problem is in the cheat mod, doesn’t work.

You wouldn’t bother to give me an explanation to what actually happens, would you? It doesn’t give me any information when you say ‘cheatmod doesn’t work’.

is what I’m using google translator, since I’m not American / English and Brazilian yes, and I did not think the Brazilian forum of green hearts

You need to explain what the error says.

I’m dying. This made my day. :smiley:

to tell the truth, the error does not appear cheatmod button

Have you enabled the bloody mod?