AAA Games (Help)

So, I have GDC and am at year 47.
Originally, I had a pirated edition of the game ( I bought the game after I figured that I enjoyed it enough, money is pretty tight. Hopefully no flaming for this. there’s proof.)
In my old save, I had researched and had AAA games.
Now, I have made 3 10/10/10/9 games with a 10/10/10/10, I researched it but never got the option in the menu. Was this removed in an update?


Assuming you’ve been playing a much older version than me untill now, AAA games have to be researched in the R&D Lab before becoming available.

I already researched them, that’s my problem. =/

I’ve had the same problem with mine also, but on mine, I didn’t have large games either? I only had small and medium. So what I ended up doing is downloading kristof1104’s Cheat Mod to get AAA to unlock MMO.


do you play with mods?

I do not play with mods, I had large and got the 10/10/10/10 and 10/10/10/9 with large games.

not sure what to say…

might be a bug. It should unlock as soon as you have a large game with a score of 10. It would be helpful if you could send us your save file to so we can investigate this further.

The saves are located under
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata*{Your ID}*\239820\remote
where {Your ID} is your player id.
(Your path may be slightly different if you did not install in the default location)

I just modded it in. I think I backed up my save though. Give me a few to find it.