Money, Fans, Research Points, & Stat Hack for v1.4.3

User AGaruna and myself have figured out how to hack money, fans, RP, and *stats for the steam version of 1.4.3.

The files are located at: C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\some number here\239820\remote and it’s easily editable with Notepad. Remember you have to do the same changes from “Slot_1” to “Slot_1l1, Slot_1l2, and Slot_1l3.” You do not need to do it to “Slot_auto”

Use the universal search function “Ctrl+F” and search for Cash, Fans, and Research Points. To hack the stats is a little more complicated. Search for “dF” and it should look like this “‘dF’ : 0.062”. Here are the recomended stat hacks:



CASH: 999999999

FANS: 9999999

RP(Research Points): 9999

Just copy and paste that over the original stats, cash, RP, and fans.

After you’re done with each of the notepads make sure to save and exit out of all them.

Start the game up (it’ll probably be at your last save which won’t show the new hacks), go to the menu and load whichever “Slot_?” you hacked. (That will also probably say it’s not hacked). Load it up and continue playing.

Link for the Video on how to do this will be up shortly.

*For some reason we are unable to figure out why the game keeps freezing while using the stat hacks. It’ll let us do research and develop new engines, but for some reason when we want to create a game. Game Dev Tycoon will freeze. Otherwise all the other hacks work without a problem.


According to the law-book of Greenheart Games, you must shut down and cancel all hacks/mods/fan-games with no complaining or you will be sued in court by Greenheart Games :slight_smile:

Where’s the Law book?

in the office of Greenheart Games

I believe that hacking the game yourself is okay, and talking about it - but not making derivatives with the game assets, or distributing mods. (That’s just what I’ve picked up here - I have no special info)

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Everyone can edit their savefiles if they like, But do not come complaining here if your game gets corrupted.

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Exactly. I believe he fails to see the difference between source code and save files as well.Even Charlie helped, with that same disclaimer.

I get on after a few hours and this is what I find? My god, you need to learn quite a bit before you backseat moderate the forums. First off, there’s a difference between a mod and save editing to max out your stats. If someone wants to cheat, it’s their prerogative. Second:[quote=“GameDevFan1000, post:2, topic:7457”]
you must shut down and cancel all hacks/mods/fan-games with no complaining or you will be sued in court by Greenheart Games

I could be wrong, but I doubt Greenheart Games will take the funds out of their game sales in order to sue people doing save edits and hacks. If and when they make an official modding API, then I also think there will be a 0% chance they’d sue them for modding either. Suing is a very expensive process, unless you’re a megacorp you don’t sue people for everything. It takes time and money and usually in cases like these ends with getting less back than they started with.

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@EvoGamer, @Charlie, @PatrickKlug, @DanielKlug, if save editing is illegal go ahead and make an official statement about it to clarify for future reference and we’ll happily take down our stuff. If not however, please do the opposite and specifically state that save editing is not illegal but you are responsible for ruined saves. I know this has been OKed before but it seems it’s not clear enough for some people. Possibly even a pinned topic.

If anything they’d sue the people who they found pirated the game. If you bought the game and supported them. They honestly could probably care less as long as you don’t complain to them if you broke your game.

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And even then they stated they wouldn’t be suing those people, which says a lot about them as a company. I’m looking forward to their next game, a sequel, and mod support for GDT :slight_smile:

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Editing save files and editing game files are two separate endeavours and are treated differently by GHG.

Save File Edits

We will help you find your save files for the purpose of backup, removal, or submission as part of a bug report. You may then edit these files if you wish, but we will not help you edit the files, nor help you repair your save files after editing them. Any bugs found to have been submitted after modifying a save will be left unanswered.

Game File Mods

The current EULA, which you agreed to during the install of the game, prohibits reverse engineering. This means no mods. We are working towards a more open EULA to allow modding in some form in the future.

This stance may change as we explore the possibility of adding official mod support, but until then, our current stance is very clear.


  • Save files are yours to do with as you will, just don’t expect us to help if you break something.
  • Game files are currently considered to be “Look; Don’t touch” objects and we will chase anyone who flouts this rule.
  • We reserve the right to change any of this policy in the future.

I don’t understand why someone would buy a game like this and then “hack” it. Play it as its meant to be played as in the way the devs of GDT expected people to play it.

Thanks, if it’s fine by you I’d like it if you were to post a pinned topic or something with this. This would be a good thing to have at the top of the forum for anyone wishing to mod game files or who is in a similar position as we got in with someone claiming save editing will get you sued.

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Well, when you’ve beaten the game multiple times. You kinda get bored doing the same thing, so hacking it to make it easier puts the joy back into it.

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Ctrl+F can’t find the research points, help me please!

since the release of the cheat mod there is really no good reason to risk your saves by editing them manually.