[REQ] Any money or RP glitches/exploits

I found the game really fun for about 2 weeks in spite of the fact I didn’t even know there was a third office because I haven’t got to it yet.
Anyway, I’ve tried to mod it using mozilla and SQLite and it didn’t work, I have the latest version of the game if that matters, any help would be appreciated

Edit saves with Notepad++

does it have to be notepad++? will it work with normal notepad, because that may be where I’m going wrong

I’m creating a cheat mod, so people don’t mess up their save game.
Should be done tomorrow… Maybe even today :slight_smile: if I don’t feel like sleeping :stuck_out_tongue:
It currently allows players to add money 500k per click and add 100 research points per click.

would be trivial to write a mod that allows cheating…


are the properties of choice…

could you link me to it when you’ve done, I’ve just done the SQLite/Notepad method and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t corrupt the save, but it doesn’t work

Sure thing :slight_smile:
I’ll clean up the code and when I release it, I’ll send you the link :slight_smile:

thanks man! :smiley:

Here you go mate