[REL] Expansion: StartsWithMod - 1.1.0

Please @Charlie add this to the mod list

Added to Official mod list;



Can you make a mod that you unlock sequels just after you launch your first game?

Wow! Didn’t expect this!

I just wrote this small mod for doing @LineLiar a favour… couldn’t imagine you were so interested in it :slight_smile:

I’m willing only to introduce small enhancements to stay on topic with “StartWith”. And I do not wanna get into CheatMod terrain…

So, take your time, and drop a vote on your favorite feature you wish to have in future:

See ya :wink:

Version 1.1.0 released

Thanks for voting so far :slight_smile: I’ve updated the mod. Please delete the previous folder completely, as this mod has been renamed to StartsWithMod.

You can now start also with sequels and multi-platform.


StartsWithMod, the mod who saves me of wasting 120 RP on things that should be unlocked on the start


yes yes yes!

Well, one thing that I hate on the start of the game is that you start with so few topics, i don’t know if the rest of the users of this mod agree with this (if you agree, please reply) but, can you make us start with like… 7 or 8 topics? And something that would be nice for me too is the ability of select the topics that you will start with, I know that’s kind of cheat, but I hate when I start with like… Vocabulary, romance, and virtual pet for example

two words. cheat mod

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I think that the CheatMod by @kristof1104 should do what you want. Although you can unlock all topics only (so you can’t say I wanna have only 5 unlocked). You might kindly ask kristof if he is willing to implement a feature that would allow you to select the amount of topics to be unlocked, if you’re interested in that feature.

If kristof doesn’t implement it, let me know, as I could provide your desired feature. But using the CheatMod should give you all you need. As far as I know, he has also implemented “sequels”, “multiplatform” and “casual” from start.

@alphabit can you make a update of this mod with target audience please. Sorry for my bad english im spanish

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The Link is broken

The Mod Link is no longer available, but my Expansion mod is adding this into the game with the target audience, multigenre, multiplatform, casual games and sequels.

I am going to be putting a menu in the options to turn it off, I also have speed up typewriter, Conferences and reviews.

If you want my Alfa version of this, please let me know, it has consoles and topics too.

I will be adding RPG elements if I can figure it out, lol

So contact me if you would like to test out this mod early :smiley:

Can you give me the link please?

This topic is almost 2 years old.

Maybe someone cam make a new one with the same functions

Yeah, and? You asked explicitly for the link to this mod and never requested for anyone else to create a new one.

oh man, I wish I had downloaded the mod before, now the link is down. If someone who has the file can upload it to another site, please!