[REL] Cheat Mod by kristof1104

Yes I that would be nice to have a AAA research button/

please add a time hack

What do you have in mind?

AAA research button coming up :slight_smile:

@kristof1104 something like a side , where I can set the actual date to another ( for example : actual date is 1/4/3 , and with the time cheat I can change this to 1/10/2 or 1/1/2 ) this would be great for me , to test my mod , so I can set the platforms to the right date , and I dont need to set thei publishing date to the first weeks.

New version uploaded
version 0.1.3

  • Ability to add AAA research

Cool, I’ll look into it !


Ability to add new stuff in the labs in the 3rd Office in the game.

@Venomous, I’m currently busy making an add-on for the API so people can add researches to the R&D Lab

@DzjengisKhan i didn’t know that. I haven’t heard from you in a while on here or Github.

I know I wasn’t active for 2/3 days, but that’s because i’m really busy with school/life in general

New version added! (0.1.4)

Added feature:

  • Move in Time function, you can now goto any date in the game. (requested by @hi5gameslp)

As always I would love some feedback, or requests!

@kristof1104 Any game i make, always scores a perfect 10 with a click of a button :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be awesome, but it may be to complicated for the current API. @Romire

Could have a button to be able to develop a console anytime!
If you appreciate how to do this.

I’m gonna wait till the non steam version gets mod support before I can try this out but it does look like a real good one.

I have an idea for it if you want to do it but could maybe have an option for a random set of past consoles to get released slowly over a set time after it is activate it wouldn’t really be a cheat but would be something fun to have if it is possible to do that is.

Also something for to add hype would be cool.

There is a new error when I ass 1 million dollars there is a pop up that says Alert and some random value. I mean it gives me the money but it is annoying.\

EDIT: Then my game crashes

Yeah there is something wrong with the current version of the mod. My game just crashed again.

Sorry about that I put a debug alert in there last time and forgot to take it out.
Fixed in the latest version at github.

Sorry Dude I don’t get what you mean

You can use move to final level to goto the last level and develop a console at anytime

I looked into it and the scooring algoritme is pretty complicated, I’d have to hook to many functions.
I’ll look into it next week.

some more ideas :

  • No Vacation mode for youre staff´s
  • Add / remove a Platform manual
  • fast research
  • always goog games Mode (like a god mode)
  • add Money in 10 Million and 100 Million steps
  • add hype to a game


Thx :grin: I’ll see what I can do, btw did the move to any date function work well for you?

yes , but there is a bug , if a platform is released , and I switch to a date before the release , the platform get released again , and there 2 TES or 2 Playsystems , I dont know if you can fix this bug