[REL] Cheat Mod by kristof1104

Yeah sorry about that,
I Can’t fix that , it’s the way the game is built.

Maybe I should make it so you can only move forward for the general public otherwise they would have a lot of double platforms…

@kristof1104 if you cant manage it, its ok :smile:

New version:

Version 0.1.6
New Features:
- Money can now be added By 1M, 10M, 20M
- Staff members don’t need Vacation.

As always I’s love feedback or requests.

Great job with the mod. :smile:

I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong, but unpacked the mod into the GDT Mods folder. I go into the game, press Esc, go to Mods and it’s not there. Am I doing anything wrong?

Never mind, scrap what I said above. I uninstalled the whole game on
Steam and reinstalled it, then re put this mod into the Mods folder, it works fine now.

That is the main folder there is another folder inside there that is the folder that needs to be in the mods folder.

You should add “Start Internal Coding Contest” - a button to trigger that event.

And add 100 Hype.

@kristof1104 Always good games seeems good then perfect 10 :stuck_out_tongue:


Thx mate!

New version:

Version 0.1.7
CheatMod now works with the latest update of Game Dev Tycoon.


I’ve already put this in the mod request thread but thought I’d add it here if you are still looking for requests/ideas:
I’ve always been keen on a mod that unlocks all topics from the start as I hate wasting time/research on them, especially now there are so many from mods, and would prefer just to have my choice of topics. You would still get the challenge of finding what matches what but wouldn’t have to waste 10rp a pop and lots of head-scratching time
Maybe it would be possible to add this to your cheat menu?

Doesn’t seem to work for me and yes im pretty sure i haven’t done anything wrong

Good idea I’ll look into when I get home from work.

Cleary if it isn’t working you did something wrong :slight_smile:
First do you have the steam beta edition?
Second do you have the latest version?
Third did you unpack the cheatmod.zip directly under the mods dir, what I mean with this is do you have the folder set up like this: “/mods/CheatMod/” or “/mods/CheatMod/CheatMod” ?

Upcoming release of cheatmod:

  • Unlock all topics
  • Add Hype

Things I’m considering(but not sure I’ll do)

  • Always Perfect 10 games
  • Start internal Coding contest trigger

one more thing, are you sure you selected the mod in the mods menu?

@kristof1104 YES , YES , i did both and neither worked.

Can you be a bit more specific, do you get an error or is the cheatmenu button just not there?
And zip your whole mod directory and uploaded it then I can check if something is wrong there.

@kristof1104 Wouldnt more hype just kill it? i mean im always down for good hype, but too much over hype may kill the game creation your creating

Yeah Maybe, but isn’t that what cheating is about anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:
Adding 100M is killing the gameplay as well, but I don’t think it will spoil the fun.

Because having a lot of hype and a bad game will still scr*w you over :slight_smile: haha

@kristof1104 well add it anyways and seee what happens.

Also Perfect game scores too please :slight_smile: