[REQ] Can someone do this?

Make me a save with the company name “Apple inc.” player name of “Steve Jobs” Money: 999 million Research Points: 999 million Fans: 999 million and if possible, all hints unlocked starting from the garage

You could just make the company and use cheatmod to add your money and fans :smile:


… Have you ever designed a game that got so successful that the level of fandom rose to the point that the sheer will of the people allowed you to travel forward and backward in time at will to make the best games possible?

… with that mod… you will… xD

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@Taggme @flipultraman i dont have steam and do not like steam and will never use steam(and im too young to use steam):frowning:

Yeaaahh… I can agree with a dislike of steam to be honest.

That’s one of the reasons I love this game xD (Options to use either steam or non steam edition)