Game Dev Tycoon Cheats

For some reason I tried the first time and it worked. Then after the second try it’s not working anymore. PLEASE HELP!

I’m not sure. I’ve changed every value to 10 (thats 5000 in-game).
During developing the game bugs in orange bubbles occured even 30+. But after finishing the game (when green FINISH button with appears), when staff is going to fix bugs, they produced bubbles only with values no higher than 1.
Even with lower attributes values like 1000-1500 I’ve the same problem. Of course they commited less bugs, but during fixing process staff fix’em one by one.

Thank you, I have found what looks like the files,

Hmmm, I can’t seem to edit the files, it comes with nul across the codes

@thegamingchanne that happens to me too with Notepad ++ on the non-steam version it is why I was asking if settings had to be changed for it you probably can edit it with the SQLite Browser if needed.

@Levy_PL I’m not sure either in mine I have the stats set 2 or lower but speed is 20.

I was using the Steam version

I tired this on desktop edition and Steam edition just now, desktop edition works, but Steam edition won’t work. I’m not remember the error message for Steam edition, something like sync…

This is how it works, if it doesn’t work at your end YOU are probably doing something wrong compared to post. I tryed it out and it actually worked good for me, did it more times, still worked good. Did it with 1.4.3, worked. It’s your fault if it isn’t working and this description of ‘cheating’ is just accurate and valid. :smile:

i dont think it works

my notepad is full of “NUL NUL NUL NUL NUL”

If you are using notepad ++ people have said it works with the steam version if it doesn’t work you can always go back to the old methods of SQLite Browser that works well too as @LineLiar said.

I think most of the problem is just finding the right save spot between the two versions.

ALSO keep in mind Cloud Saves may be a problem on the steam edition they may be what happened to you @KitLeong

I have the game on Steam, tried on Steam files and normal files, didn’t work. Watched a Youtube video on this, followed the instructions, didn’t work. Did this get patched or what?

Edit: Oh sweet jesus, nevermind. Found out why it wasn’t working, and it now works!

Hi there, Thanks for this in depth tutorial. This works quite fine if you follow the instructions to the letter however I have found that with the most recent update this no longer works. If you are having trouble with this there is an easier way! You can download the Cheat Mod by Kristof1104 here. I am not trying to draw attention away from this tutorial but just provide a simpler alternative. Hope this helps Guys!

This was before mod support.

Yeah I know. I never said it wasnt. I was just giving a heads up to anyone trying to use this.

I am somewhat confused so can someone just send me a 999,999,999,999M save with tons of fans on Gmail:

Forget this method just download the cheat mod.


closing this topic as the cheat mod is the better way to do this now: