Game Dev Tycoon Cheats


I have totally changed my opinion from earlier about the hacked money. Thanks for changing my view, Charlie! :wink:

To gets money, fans, and research points you will need:

Mozilla Firefox, SQLite Manager Plugin (for Firefox only), and NotePad++

Step 1: Choose your slot.

When you want to change your money, make sure you have the correct save. Make sure you are not looking at the “Auto” at the top. I will be changing the slot with the company name: “Let’s Hack”
(The top one, is from a friend, that sent me his hacked company. Don’t flip because it’s from my other post about hacking!)

If you can see, it is Slot 1. Keep that in mind!

Step 2: Finding the File

Now that you know what slot you will change, open up Firefox and click the Firefox button in the top left corner. Then move your mouse over “Web Developer” and click “SQLite Manager”

Once you have that open, click the folder in the top bar. Then scroll down to your Computer button. Once you do that, click the Local Drive C: button.

Then scroll down and double click Users, and then your name (or whatever user you are using.) The click at the top, where you search for files. Do not delete that whole thing! It’s like typing in a website URL. After your name at the top, type /appdata

This will open up four files. Then double click Local. After that, scroll down and find Game Dev Tycoon, and open it. Then click Local Storage. No files will show up. That is normal. At the bottom right, above the “Open” and “Cancel” files, it will
show “SQLite DB Files.” Click that and change it to “All Files” Then, click the first file that shows up.

Step 3: Copy the storage file

Once you have double clicked Game Dev Tycoon, and you are back at SQLite Manager, double click Item Table on the left side. Then scroll down to the bottom and find the file named “slot_1” Right click it, then click “Edit”

Here is a picture of where Slot_1 is

After that, click the Save diskette on the side. Save the file to your desktop. Make sure to name it slot or slot1

Step 4: Money Time!

Now that you have the correct file (hopefully) saved, open up NotePad++. Then open up the file you saved.

Then, once that is open, a long line of text will stretch across your screen. Hooray! Now, all you need to do is click the search button up at the top and search "Cash"
Now you can find your cash and change the amount!
Searching “fans” finds the amount of fans, and to change the RP, search “researchpoints” as one word!
If you want, search your characters name to change their stats.

When you are done, go back to the item table where you copied the slot. I hope you didn’t close it! Now when you click “Edit” to open it, click the paper clip on the bottom. Then go to your desktop and open up the slot file. Then hit. Ok. And then OK. again. Now you can close it.

Step 5: Correct slot!

Now open up Game Dev Tycoon. If you look in the corner, you will not see it, that is because you are on the auto slot. Hit “Esc” and then click “Load” and click the slot. If you look at your money, it will be at whatever amount you changed it to!

If you had problems, please reply to this topic. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Are there any cheat codes
Issues with Savegame Editor

Also do remember if you bork your save don’t come to me asking for help :smile:


After hitting near year 30 on my first save or maybe a bit past it, I decided to tool around with money to give it more of a sandbox feel and really experiment. I’m always open minded to cheats in any game because it’s completely up to the player if they want to enhance their own play style according to their needs/desires.

I gave myself a billion or two and ran wild opening up the Grid platform, my own console and several sequel titles to games I released while working in my garage. It was great fun. I kind of wish there were more save slots for a single game so you could have one to mess around with and maybe a few more to test the waters without cheats. I also get that for some people it would ruin the game as the uncertainty of your actions is part of it. That’s great for those people but I wasn’t laying my people off, even if they did spend three weeks doing nothing but collectively scratching their heads. The money editor breathed new life into what was otherwise going to be a dead save file due to going bankrupt and saving too frequently.

Love that this main post exists in an easy place to walk through editing the values again. Thanks much!


No problem! I’m glad you enjoyed it! :green_heart: :green_heart:


I did what you mention but was on slot 2. It didn’t work but luckily i got a backup. It just shows


Make sure you already gave a game created. Once you create a new slot, Name the company and the person. Then start the cheat.


Still cannot change the values on the game. I have it on slot 1 and changed the parameters but with no luck :frowning:

EDIT: Got cash to work. Going to try the others. THANKS!


I have tried multiple times to get cash to work, it won’t work for me :C


Hey there @Renousim! Make sure after you edit the file in NotePad++, you re-upload the file.


I did, the research points work when I put them in, so its pretty weird


That’s pretty funky. Does it work in other slots?


Havent tried that yet, Ill go try it
EDIT : Nope, Still not working but research points does, I don’t know whats wrong


I wasn’t able to get it working either so I tried SQLite Browser and it seemed easier because it lets you edit it directly in the program.The link is I don’t think you need to go through firefox for it just open it and use the Exe.

Edit:Keep in mind it has the same basic idea but you will have to figure out how to use it.When I used it I had to open the section right next to slot_1 and that seems to be the code just make sure you apply and save the changes.In my game I set the game to go a lot slower console release wise and a few other things too.


Can somebody just give me a save link with 999,999,999,999 cash and a lot of research points?


I can’t really do that because information is one thing but an edited file is another I don’t know if they would be cool about it or it would just really make them mad.

Edit:Try out the SQLite Browser see if that works it should be easier to use than the Manager one.


Oh No Charlie I totally borked my save and you were the first one I thought to ask for help from.

jk :smiley:


No more help? When I was researching stuff I used my best save and i only have 201k now


Back-up your saves first

Download SQLite Browser from that site I told you about open the Rar up click the Exe. till the browser opens

Then click the file Icon to find and open the save that is at Yourcomputersname/appdata/Local/GameDevTycoon/LocalStorage The file is in that folder and it is named file__0.localstorage you select and open it with the SQLite Browser

You open the Browse data tab and go down it till you see Slot_1 the next column next to it you double click and it should open the code is there.

Find and Edit the cash and research points as Batman described click Apply Changes then close it and go to File and save. -Edit:Your company name is usually a little before the cash if that helps you find it.When I did it I changed gameLengthModifier to 10 for my game too so the Nes was released after something like 15 or so years of playing I’m not sure on the exact time anyways I’m still seeing if that eventually kills my save game.

I’m not perfect with these things but that should be all you do when you open the game just load Slot_1. you can try either this method or Batmans whatever works best.

Edit:If you start a new game you will jump right to the second office if you try to train before some of the starter messages finish you will get an error.


Research points work, The cash doesn’t, Is there a way you have to write the text in?


I don’t think so just maybe no spaces unless you deleted something before or after it on accident it is easy to do that.

Edit: Gotta ask are you sure have the right cash part?Your company name is usually a little before the cash if that helps you find it.