[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)

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Compete and co-operate with your friends!

This package includes a client mod and a server application that allow you to connect to each other, share your stats, chat, co-develop games, sabotage and more.

Please use the server browser feature and do not post your server IPs in seperate topics! You’ll get more traffic that way, and the forum will not get cluttered with GDTMP server topics.

GDTMP is licensed under CAAAANASFMTDMYBLWTHITICDATSPL. Programmers can get the horrible source code of the server here (older versions here). You can also develop your mods/plugins/extensions for both the client and server! More information below.

**Warnings (read!)**

  • This mod is very prone to cheating, but it’s mainly intended for private games between friends There is no way to prevent cheating without making pretty much everything server-side.
  • It should also be compatible with most other mods, but it won’t interact with them, except their added topics, platforms, and researches.
  • I strongly recommend that you use this mod to backup your saves before enabling GDTMP. Like all other mods GDTMP could screw up your save data.


GDTMP is now available in multiple languages. The translations, including those to a language that is not included in Game Dev Tycoon by default, can be enabled in the regular language list in the settings menu. The following languages are available:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Serbian (Latin)
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

If you are interested in translating GDTMP to your language, PM me. Knowing some JavaScript isn’t necessary but it will help you avoid errors.

Thank you...

Mods that use GDTMP for online interaction

Starting in version 0.5.0, other mods are be able to use this mod as an API for online features. Below is a list of mods that do this. If you’re interested in extending GDTMP with your mod, check this basic documentation out. If you want to mod the server, you have plugins, extensions, and macros. Your mod must have its own thread with a download link to be featured here.



  1. Download the client zip file and extract the “dmultiplayer” folder in the Game Dev Tycoon mods folder. (default location for Steam users is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Game Dev Tycoon\mods”)

  2. Start Game Dev Tycoon

  3. Instead of loading the game, press Escape and click “Mods”

  4. Enable the mod by clicking on it.

  5. Restart the game and play

Server (Windows only, requires .NET 4)

  1. Download the server zip file and extract it somewhere on your computer.

  2. a) Console (better performance but harder to use): Run “dmultiplayersrv.exe”.

    b) Full interface (worse performance but easier to use): Run “GDTMP Server.exe”.

  3. a) If you want to play with people over the internet (not on LAN), forward port 3966 (TCP) in your router. Click here for a port forwarding guide. Select your router brand, router model, then click “Default Guide” (just above the list of programs). There is also an experimental automatic port forwading feature (not guaranteed to work) which you can enable by typing “set autopf true” in the console and pressing enter, and then restarting the server software. You can find your public IP here.

    b) If you want to play with people connected to your local WiFi network, you don’t have to do anything other than find out what your local IP is. There’s a guide for that here.

  4. I highly recommend typing “help” in the console to see what commands you can use, and typing “set help” to find out which settings you can change (such as time synchronization). If you’re using the GUI, you can change these settings through the settings window. If you want to run a public server, you should enable server browser support.

  5. If you’re interested in creating macros, check this page.

Download GDTMP

Player's guide


Every time you start the game with the mod enabled, you will be asked for the IP of the server you want to connect to. Ask the host for the IP if you don’t know it already. If you don’t want to connect to a server, click “Cancel”.


About 2 years into the game, you should be able to research trading. This allows you to trade research points for cash with other players. Click your CEO to perform this.

Co-developing games

About one year later, you should be able to research co-development of games. After the research is complete, you can send co-development offers in the regular game development dialog.


About 7 years into the game, you should be able to research spying. This automatically informs you of what other players are researching and what’s happening to them in real time.

Advanced spying and sabotage

About 12 years into the game, you should be able to research advanced spying. This gives you advanced details on the targeted player’s company. Click your CEO to perform this.

About 15 years into the game, you should be able to research sabotage. You can either hack someone’s interviews and make them lose fans, corrupt their game in development (will fail if they are not developing a game), or asassinate an employee. Click your CEO to perform this.

Advanced spying and sabotage have some things in common. They both have a chance of failing, and a chance of getting you caught if they don’t fail. The chance of failing/getting caught rises as you move onto the more advanced sabotage options. However, you can lower those chances by increasing your budget in the pop-up dialog. Also, only the founder of the company can use these options.

Chat/log window

Press T to bring up the chat/log window. You can also use commands here.


  • /commands - shows a list of client commands
  • /mute [company/player] - mute messages from a certain player
  • /srvsettings - shows server settings
  • /tell [company/player] [message] - send a private message to a player
  • /tellre [message] - private message the player you last sent a message to
  • /unmute [company/player] - unmute messages from a certain player

Operators may also use some of the console commands (with a forward slash in the beginning), or all of them if the server has enabled extended operator privileges.




Basic gameplay/demonstration

Mod Changelog


  • Added Simplified Chinese translation by @967018!


  • Fixed error when co-developing a game without an engine


  • Fixed error when someone tries to sabotage you but fails, or sabotages you with a custom sabotage option


  • Fixed co-game sales endlessly skyrocketing
  • Fixed error(?) when someone releases a game with the same genre that you are developing
  • Fixed “-undefined” appearing as a second genre (when there is only one) at co-dev request dialogs since the last update


  • You will be able to sell more games (and earn more money) when co-developing games now
  • Added even more API features for modders (see documentation)
  • Better server-side save handling
  • Better stats display handling
  • Better highscore handling
  • Made player list a little bit larger
  • Updated Swedish translation
  • Fixed trading not working again (code typo, derp)
  • Fixed a bunch of code typos
  • Compatibility with server
  • 3 new strings to translate :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Added more API features for modders (see documentation)
  • Timesync is now a bit more effective
  • Fixed a bug causing custom data to be sent with bugged parameters


  • Trade notification is now removed on save load
  • Fixed error when getting a message from the server


  • Fixed error on startup that prevented the mod from loading


  • Merged “off the market” message for co-games
  • Slightly tweaked the co-dev request waiting process
  • More messages are now “delocalized”
  • The “similar genre” event won’t occur more than twice for the same game anymore
  • Better version comparison
  • Updated Turkish translation
  • Fixed co-dev requests appearing while doing contract work, creating engines etc.
  • Fixed “Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined” error at end of co-game development
  • Fixed co-dev revenue setting not changing anything
  • Fixed research points/cash being negative after accepting stacked trade offers (but not when sending multiple offers)
  • Fixed current company name being in all co-dev announce/release messages
  • Fixed “times used advanced spying” being undefined or NaN in advanced spying report
  • Fixed co-dev company names next to percentages not changing when switching company in game definition dialog
  • Fixed not sending money for competitor consoles when starting co-game development for receiver
  • Fixed chat button staying in place when switching server
  • Fixed delocalization method
  • Compatibility with server


  • Most review messages are now (re)localized
  • All stats are properly rounded
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Updated Swedish translation
  • Fixed “id of null” error when sending a co-dev request
  • Fixed “game is not defined” error when releasing a co-dev game
  • Fixed indicators not behaving as they should


  • Co-game reviews are combined into one now
  • Fixed “X researched Y” messages displaying the ID of the research instead of its name
  • Fixed connection timing out after reconnecting
  • Fixed not handling mod data correctly
  • Fixed not handling co-game announcement/release data correctly
  • Fixed people still showing in the player list after reconnecting
  • Compatibility with server

0.5.0 (The XXL Update)

  • You can now co-develop games with other companies!
  • View detailed information/stats about other players! Use the “i” button just above the top right corner of the server list
  • Advanced spying now lets you get (not take away) topics and researches from other companies if the budget is high enough!
  • Compare your scores in the highscore menu!
  • Added Portuguese (Brazil) translation by @xujozer!
  • Modders can send and receive custom data!
  • Added a chat button next to the info button
  • “Corrupt game” sabotage option also creates bugs in the target
  • A message is displayed when other players get achievements
  • Added “connecting” message
  • Smoother dialog buttons and animations
  • Added “show only chat messages” option in chat dialog
  • Improved the way servers are pushed to the history
  • The server list restores itself automatically if it fails the first time
  • More death causes
  • The player list won’t extend beyond the window height anymore
  • Multiplayer context menu items no longer show when not connected
  • Trading, advanced spying and sabotage dialogs now close when you disconnect from a server
  • Minor layout changes
  • Adjusted how long it takes to research multiplayer researches
  • Localized previously unlocalized messages
  • Proper localized research names are now displayed in the “X has researched Y” messages
  • Updated German translation
  • Updated Russian localization
  • Updated Serbian (Latin) localization
  • Updated Spanish translation (updated by @Pulibara)
  • Updated Swedish localization
  • Updated Turkish localization
  • Fixed trading causing errors
  • Fixed error showing up when taking a console off the market
  • Fixed trades/advanced spying/sabotage sometimes executed with the wrong company
  • Fixed the assassination confirm dialog not caring whether “yes” or “no” is picked
  • Fixed kick messages showing up when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed trade message not being formatted
  • Fixed error when opening the server browser without a connection
  • Fixed the minimize button being misplaced after maximizing sometimes
  • Fixed a few other bugs that nobody would ever find
  • Compatibility with server


  • Fixed all servers being listed as outdated


  • Incompatible servers are shown in the browser in red text but you can’t connect to them
  • Fixed “cannot read property data” error
  • Fixed update checking not working properly
  • Fixed time speeding up offline too


  • Added French translation by @Quaelor!
  • Added German translation by @OnOff2020!
  • Added Turkish translation by @Derrizah!
  • Added message when the server browser server can’t be accessed (will be translated in 0.5.0)
  • The language list is now sorted alphabetically
  • The language list is now future proof in case missing languages are added to the official GDT translations
  • Updated Swedish translation
  • Fixed trading dialog errors popping up
  • Fixed “kicked” message showing twice


  • Updated Russian translation
  • Updated Serbian (Latin) translation
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from requesting cash in a trade


  • Added Russian translation by @1113!
  • Added Serbian (latin) translation by @Today!
  • Added Spanish translation by @MrLaAnguila!
  • Fixed “DOM Exception 8” error when UltimateLib is enabled
  • Fixed minimize button showing when it shouldn’t


  • Fixed error when training or generating a game report in the beginning of the game


  • Full translation support! (164 strings to translate so far)
  • Added Swedish translation
  • Added minimize button to only display the top 3 companies in the server list
  • Changed the way “join” messages are displayed
  • Changed some messages
  • The text cursor is no longer displayed when hovering over the player list
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when you get arrested while researching, training, or generating a game report
  • Fixed “join” messages not displaying when a player reconnects
  • Fixed sending research messages after training
  • Fixed competitor console release message not showing, among other bugs related to consoles
  • Fixed “getRandom” error
  • Fixed error when taking a console off the market
  • Fixed a message bug when taking a console off the market
  • Attempted to fix messages not showing sometimes
  • Compatibility with server
  • No longer compatible with SaveBackup 1.0.1 and lower, if you use that mod please update or disable it


  • Removed close button from server window the first time it is opened
  • Fixed time synchronization being buggy in some cases
  • Fixed “play offline” and “direct connect” buttons not being clickable everywhere
  • Fixed server browser not showing up when starting a new game
  • Fixed duplicate server list entries when closing the browser too quickly
  • Fixed post-shelf life message not being sent
  • Fixed recent server list re-ordering itself every time you open the browser

0.4.0 (The OMGFINALLY Update)

  • Added a server browser!
  • Compete against other players’ review scores! (If the server allows it)
  • Basic translation preperations, actual translations and information for translators will be available soon
  • See how well other players’ games sell (only a message when they go off the market for now)
  • See how well other players’ consoles sell (also only a message for now)
  • Added achievements: Licence Money/Console Popularity/Third Party Support Master (sell 5/10/20 console licences)
  • Added command: “/tellre (message)”- private message the player you last sent a message to
  • Added command: “/commands”- shows list of client commands
  • Added command: “/srvsettings”- shows server settings
  • A “player has been kicked” message now shows up when someone gets kicked instead of the generic disconnection message
  • You can’t chat if you aren’t connected to a server anymore
  • Better mod detection
  • Safer function hacking
  • Changed a few messages and the way they are displayed
  • Fixed being able to send empty PMs
  • Fixed issues in server version checking
  • Fixed custom fire message not being created properly
  • Fixed player list not working as it should when the server recieves polling requests, if that bug even existed in the first place
  • Compatibility with server


  • When you get kicked the game disconnects you instead of closing automatically
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when releasing custom console


  • Optimized disconnection messages
  • Updated the version number :wink:


  • Fixed window closing when getting disconnected from a server
  • Even more timesync optimizations

0.3.3 (The Second Second Bug Fix Update)

  • You can now use the “switch server” button even if you aren’t connected to a server
  • The player list is now automatically hidden when you aren’t connected to a server
  • When you get disconnected from a server, the game now resumes in offline mode instead of closing (unless you were kicked).
  • Added “reconnecting…” message when switching server
  • Fixed timesync causing issues early in the game (thanks @brudertack82 for finding and fixing the bug)
  • Fixed “DOM Exception 11” popping up rarely when connecting/switching to a server.
  • Further optimizations to how time synchronization works early in the game

0.3.2 (The (First?) Second Bug Fix Update)

  • Added “switch server” button to the main menu (the precursor of the server browser that might be added in the next version)
  • Player indicators now last longer
  • Extended player list width
  • Removed “cheat mod” indicator in player list
  • Safer version checking
  • Fixed buying licenses for competitor consoles not working properly
  • Fixed advanced spying issues
  • Fixed “null” error popping up when developing a new game
  • Fixed “data” error popping up when starting a new game
  • Fixed competitors not showing up right away when joining a server, really
  • Fixed sending stats too many times
  • Attempted to fix time synchronization not working properly
  • Attempted to fix “additional messages” bug
  • Attempted to fix error popping up when researching
  • Compatibility with server


  • Fixed not being able to save

0.3.0 (The Fix What’s Not Broken Update)

  • Time synchronization… kind of (if the server allows it)
  • Added achievements: “Anomalous Materials”, “Sapped”, and “My Faith In The Dagger”
  • If you asassinate someone and get caught, your CEO will be replaced by one of your employees
  • If you asassinate someone and get caught, and you don’t have any employees, your company is dead!
  • “/tell [company/player] [message]” client command (private message)
  • “/mute [company/player]” client command (muting messages)
  • “/unmute [company/player]” client command (unmuting messages)
  • Added player list indicators
  • Added player list left/right padding
  • Other players’ custom consoles now go away from your list when they get taken off the market
  • New server setting sets whether consoles developed by other players will be available even when they are offline
  • New server setting sets whether consoles developed by other players will be available before the release date is reached
  • Automatic update checking (every 30 minutes)
  • Added server version check
  • The bottom of the screen is now slightly less cluttered
  • More death causes
  • Better version checking
  • Better code organization, shouldn’t conflict with other mods
  • Slightly changed the way advanced spying data is sent
  • Fixed not being able to join a server when starting a new game
  • Fixed competitors not showing up right away when joining a server
  • Fixed advanced spying discovery not showing
  • Compatibility with server
  • Probably a few other minor changes I forgot I made


  • Fixed error when starting a new game


  • Actually fixed the “id” error


  • Slightly tweaked the way game scores are logged
  • Fixed duplicate consoles (at least the 0% marketshare bug is solved now)
  • Fixed clicking sounds not playing
  • Fixed “id” error popping up
  • Fixed “name” error popping up
  • Fixed “getRandom” error popping up


  • Improved advanced spying result dialog
  • Fixed error on create engine
  • Fixed code typos in advanced spying dialog

0.2.3 (The Bug Fix Update)

  • Competitors are now sorted by cash
  • Reviews from other players are now logged
  • Find out when someone creates a new game engine (requires spying research)
  • Added update checking
  • Topics and genres are now localized
  • Better public reaction to similar genres
  • Reduced advanced spying research RP cost from 80 to 60
  • Reduced sabotage research RP cost from 100 to 80
  • Halved advanced spying costs
  • Slightly tweaked trade dialog
  • Fixed 0% marketshare (really, I mean it)
  • Fixed duplicate competitor consoles
  • Fixed chat hotkey conflicting with ChatMod (will only activate if ChatMod textbox isn’t focused or by pressing Ctrl+T)
  • Fixed trade dialog not working properly
  • Fixed sales being too low when someone releases a similar game to yours
  • Fixed spying research not having any effect
  • Fixed failed advanced spying reports being sent to everyone
  • Fixed money sent to other players being much more than it’s supposed to be
  • Fixed player list not getting smaller
  • Fixed data storage issues
  • Fixed “name” error popping up when someone releases a game while the “game concept” dialog is shown
  • Fixed typos


  • Fixed 0% marketshare (4real)
  • Fixed “NaN cr.” notification when someone gets caught
  • Fixed “name” error popping up when someone releases a game while the “game concept” dialog is shown


  • Lowered trading RP cost from 40 to 20
  • Fixed 0% marketshare (I hope)
  • Fixed glitching PC pictures
  • Fixed efficiency being incorrectly calculated when using “advanced spying”
  • Fixed points not updating after sabotage/trade
  • Fixed cheat mod setting having no effect
  • Fixed “length” error popping up
  • Fixed “id” error popping up


  • Added trading research (available early in the game, click CEO to trade)
  • You can now develop games for other players’ platforms! License/development costs are sent to the console developer
  • Game scores are sent to the other players, for pleasure or anger
  • “Operators” can use “/commands”
  • Advanced spying and sabotage don’t cost money to research anymore
  • Sabotage research points cost raised from 80 to 100
  • Maximum chat message length further increased, from 100 to 120 characters
  • Increased player list width
  • Rearranged sabotage dialog
  • Fixed GDTMP save data not loading
  • Compatibility with server
  • And a few other minor changes and optimizations…


  • You can now send longer chat messages
  • Chat now automatically scrolls down
  • More happiness. (I hope!)
  • Compatibility with server


  • Fixed sabotage budget factors being incorrectly calculated
  • Fixed errors in advanced spying/sabotage UI
  • Changed the version number for once
  • Actually put the new files in the .zip


  • Fixed code typo that made the “spying” research take 30 times longer than it normally should.
  • Now multiple players with the same company name won’t mess up the game


  • Fixed errors when generating a game report
  • Slightly tweaked UI


  • Fixed not sending company data in a loop
  • Fixed announcement data not being sent
  • Fixed errors in release/advanced spying/sabotage code
  • Tweaked sabotage costs
  • Tweaked UI


  • Fixed wrong data being sent when announcing/releasing a game

0.1.0 (initial release)

  • Basic displays, messages, and indicators
  • Releasing a game negatively affects other players developing a game with the same genre.
  • Spy on others – find out what they are researching
  • Advanced spying – get very detailed information on a company
  • Sabotage – mess with other players in different ways, including assasination (very expensive and dangerous though :P)
  • Chat/log window
  • A bit more!

Server Changelog

  • Added .NET extension support! (see documentation)
  • Greatly expanded JS plugin possibilities by adding more functions and events! (see documentation)
  • Added a plugin/extension form in the GUI
  • Plugins/extensions no longer load automatically unless they are enabled through the GUI or the “enableplugin [filename]”/“disableplugin [filename]”/“enableext [filename]”/“disableext [filename]” commands, former run/stop commands have been removed
    . Player count is now shown in the GUI window title
  • More information is now shown in the “playerinfo [player]” command result
  • Added “playermods [playerid]” command that returns a list of the specified player’s enabled mods
  • Fixed a bug where the GUI would freeze during multithreaded console writes
  • Minor general improvements and optimizations

  • Added plugin support by @tmch (with some small modifications by me)!

  • Updated port checking method to work with Fleck
  • Better security
  • Fixed not sending new settings after updating them from the GUI

  • Operators get the “@” prefix in chat
  • Changes to make client 0.5.3 features and fixes possible

  • Fixed co-development not working with advanced engines
  • Attempted to fix “invalid index” error in GUI

  • Added optional server-side saving! Use “set serversidesave [true|false]” to enable/disable in the console, in the GUI you can change it in the settings dialog. This feature is disabled by default
  • Added a more visible message in the GUI when a new version is available, and the window will also flash
  • You can now see what mods players are using in the player information dialog
  • Made it possible to copy text from the GUI console
  • Made the player list more detailed
  • The console now also displays your local IP address
  • Added optional reason parameter to the ban command
  • Better performance with lots (and I mean LOTS) of players connected
  • Better security
  • Changed a few messages
  • Disabled “tabbing” in the main form
  • Fixed trading data not being sent to clients
  • Fixed tabbing in the other forms
  • Fixed kicking players for “poll” when they open the server browser while connected and other bugs related to the server not getting the client ports
  • Fixed “System.AggregateException” errors showing in the GUI console (they will still show in the regular console though)
  • Fixed “System.InvalidOperationException” errors showing up rarely in the GUI console
  • Fixed automatic port forwarding not working at all (still not sure whether it fully works now though)
  • Fixed update checking not working

  • Moved from Alchemy to Fleck WebSockets to fix bugs related to corrupted data and kick clients for real
  • The server now re-registers/unregisters automatically later if the server browser server couldn’t be reached at first

  • Added message when auto-kicking a cheating client
  • Added setting: “maxmoney [cash]”, automatically kick a player if their cash exceeds this value. Set to -1 to disable. Default: -1. You can also change this in the settings dialog if you use the GUI.
  • Changed kick command: “kick [playerid] [reason (optional)]”, you can now specify a reason if you want to
  • Fixed kick message being sent twice

  • Added optional GUI! (GDTMP Server.exe)
  • Server browser support!
  • Score competiton support!
  • New setting that determines whether review competing is enabled, requires time sync: “set reviewbattle (true|false)” in the console, found in the settings window in the GUI, defaults to false
  • New setting that determines whether your server is added to the browser: “set srvbrowser (true|false)” in the console, found in the settings window in the GUI, defaults to false
  • New setting for server browser description: “set description (message)” in the console, found in the settings window in the GUI
  • Added console command “playerinfo (playerid)”, shows more info about a player than is shown in the general “players” command
  • Added “invalid syntax” message if the parameters are invalid
  • “op”, “opip”, “deop”, and “deopip” now require the “extended operator privileges” (extendedopprivs) setting enabled to be used in-game (see “set help” in console)
  • Changed a few messages
  • Safer connections
  • Safer integer processing
  • Removed “addtolist” and “rmfromlist” commands
  • Fixed double players
  • Fixed being able to op IPs even though permaopip is set to false

  • Fixed “couldn’t kick client” message popping up even though the client is online
  • Tweaked error messages
  • Minor preperations for the optional GUI that will be included in

  • Changed addtolist command syntax to "addtolist ", the name you specify will be visible in the server list
  • Changed console text color to white to match CMD
  • Safer version checking
  • Safer MOTD reading from settings file
  • Fixed “private” things like trading not working
  • Fixed newlines appearing when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed sending stats too many times
  • Attempted to fix time synchronization not working properly

  • Time synchronization support (use “set timesync true” to enable)
  • Now automatically checks IP on startup
  • Added “addtolist” command (request adding your IP to the server list)
  • Added “rmfromlist” command (request removing your IP from the server list)
  • Added “myip” command (get IP)
  • Added “privmsg (playerid) (message)” command (private message)
  • New setting “set syncconcoles (true|false)”, sets whether consoles developed by other players will be available before the original release date, defaults to true
  • New setting “set offlineconsoles (true|false)”, sets whether consoles developed by other players will be available even when they are offline, defaults to false
  • New setting “set extendedopprivs (true|false)”, sets whether ops have access to the more dangerous commands: “addtolist” “exit”, “myip”, “rmfromlist”, “set”, “site”, defaults to false
  • New setting “set port (1-65535)”, sets the port the server runs on, defaults to 3966, requires restart
  • If the port is taken on startup, use another port automatically
  • Added handler for /tell client command
  • Automatic update checking (every 30 minutes)
  • Does not send targeted data to everyone anymore
  • Changed some messages
  • Fixed a tiny bug in the “players” command when no players were connected
  • Fixed update checking
  • Attempted to fix a crash triggered when recieving data
  • Attempted to fix error when using the “X” button on the window to exit

  • Fixed a polling bug

  • Added “stats” command, shows connection stats
  • Added “site” command, navigate to forum thread
  • Added “update” command, check for updates
  • Added automatic port forward, experimental
  • Added automatic update checking

  • Added new setting “permaopip”, use “set permaopip (true|false)”- sets whether operators will be saved and whether everyone connecting from the operator’s IP will be “re-opped” when they join.
  • Added “opip”- op the specified IP, see above
  • Added “deopip”- de-op the specified IP, see above
  • Added “opped”- list of opped IPs, see above
  • Added “settings”- shows current setting values
  • Better kicking
  • Fixed cheat mod setting having no effect

  • Added MOTD (use “set motd [message]”)
  • Fixed chat messages not going through
  • Fixed not being able to use spaces in “msg” command

  • Added a few basic settings (cheat mod allowed, client timeout)
  • “Exit” command added
  • “Set” command added, to modify settings
  • “Op” and “deop” commands added, to give players access to server commands, not saved
  • Messages from in-game players are now displayed in the console
  • Polling support (or whatever it’s called)

  • Added commands. (ban, banned, help, kick, msg, players, unban)
  • Better error handling
  • REQUIRES CLIENT 0.1.6 OR LATER (initial release)

  • Basic client connection, ID system, and data forwarding

Upcoming features

Summary of what’s planned for future client versions:

  • Co-develop consoles
  • Buy SDK licenses for other players’ game engines
  • Selling franchises
  • Unified game sales/ranking system
  • News feed in player information dialog
  • Be a publisher
  • Custom contracts
  • LAN game detection
  • See game history of other companies
  • Rigging reviews sabotage option (too evil?)
  • Change custom console license/dev cost
  • Random events

Summary of what’s planned for future server versions:

  • “Quick Game” option - game begins at ~Y10 with preset employees/researches, ends 3-5 years later (game length will probably be a server option), then shows who won before looping back to the beginning

Oh God.
Is one of my biggest dreams (for GDT) coming true?
HOLY :green_heart:

Plz, make it.
Please :3


I JUST EXPLODED omgomgomgogmomgomg

i just had a nerdgasm

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looks like the competitor mod has some competition


Hi guys!

Our Chat Mod we released yesterday [REL] Chat Mod for Game Dev Tycoon is a proof-of-concept for client-server communication using websockets and…tests were good!

So we have a working server and, with reasonable effort, we had in mind to develop a competition multiplayer mod, here’s the idea:
A player “hosts” a game setting the number of players(2?4?8?) and the number of years the game will last.
when the selected number joins the “room” the game starts and every player is informed about events happening to the opponents (new game, reviews, researches…) and a graph (or a ranking) will show in realtime who is winning.
Winning conditions can be the following(mutually exclusive or a combination): most money, most fans, most games released, highest reviews.(any other ideas?)
At the end of the selected timeframe, the winner is declared.

This is a very basic idea that we’re sure we can develop with the knowledge and technology we have today but we are very open to every kind of collaboration: new ideas, suggestions, code sharing…

@Darkly Since we were working on the same idea, I found it convenient to write it here :slight_smile:

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Any info about release date?

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I’ve wanted this for so long

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Me too!
Even longer!

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wow. i had the same idea but i dont have the skills to make it. maybe you could chose to try to sabotage the other company or help them by giving them money, like a donation to another company. thats aswome tho.

Yes, please!

Nice to see you guys are anticipating this!

@CyberHazard That’s one of the planned features!

@Haxor I’ll try to release an alpha version as soon as possible, I don’t really know when (could be tomorrow or in 20 years)

@fabfor Interesting, we’re working on the same thing but in slightly different ways.

Also, if anyone knows how to disable pausing without breaking everything, I’d be very grateful :slight_smile:

I choose tommorow.

I bet that when @PatrickKlug and @DanielKlug initially released the mod support, they never thought it’d go this far. You’re getting nominated for a GHG Award.

If i get a nickel every time i get excited and crash into my windows…

I’ll get ten dollars from this.


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Do it!!! You MUST make this soon! I’m gonna explode!

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I’ve waited the longest because I am the longest on the forum and therefore the longest in our community and therefore the longest in the modding community and therefore I had the game earlier then you and therefore I win.

what… the… faaaa?


I play GDT from version 1.3.7, and It was first version, so version I won.


What is going on.

Do that mod.
Plz. Version