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You see,someone who played Game Dev. Tycoon knows what is good game.I is very simple and it is already on Steam.I bought it because I want to be game dev. one day and it is realy great game.Keep going guys.

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Let’s Hope The Future Games Will Be EVEN BUTTER!

Ekhem, why is that in “ideas”?

IDK,I will change it.


I agree that GHG made an awesome game.

Hahaha…SRY…I just want more games like Game Dev. Tycoon…I was playng games like Payday and Left 4 Dead 2 before,but this is very good game.

L4D2 to GDT is a pretty major change.

I know…I am on have lot of games on Steam and this is one of the best I ever played.

lol ikr

i have no games on steam and this is the best one ive played :wink:

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what are we talking again?

GreenHeart Games

@Wela408 gave us a great idea: we could develop the zombie mod (seems quite popular ATM) for GDT. You have to make games zombies likes to play or they will break into the office and start eating the brains of your employee! (starting from the smartest)

I want GDT. multiplayer,where you can make your Company and someone can join you or he/she can make his/her company.