24/7 GDTMP Server!

24/7 GDTMP Server 90ish% uptime :smiley:

(Moving to a Dedi, so therefor, 100% uptime:D)

On the official server list :slight_smile: http://gdtmp.tk/list.php

IP: gdt.plethorastudios.com

Server version: 
Version you need: 0.3.2 or higher
Recommended version: 0.3.4


  1. No cussing, fighting, etc, please.

  2. Try to keep the game names, appropriate. There are young people on here.

  3. If a OP (moderator) says to do something, respect it.

  4. Don’t kill your computer because of the server, there are bugs, as the GDTMP mod is still a WIP.

Me and the Plethora team are thinking of different game modes for this, we have a few ideas (not perfected by far) but they are ideas. If you have any ideas, please go to our forum and tell us your idea, and how it would work. here is the forum post.

Only 3 for now, subject to change.

  • Killertoad
  • TBA
  • TBA

GDTMP server ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh :open_mouth:
Good luck with your server :slight_smile:

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It’s Online?

Yes, sorry, been busy :b

Make it online


It is :smiley:

Hmmm, I think it is down…I can’t check why, as I am at school, so if it is down, hold on till I get home :slight_smile:

Young people shouldn’t even be playing these kind of games. THey should expect to meet Adults when playing online.

But, a lot of people here are 13 and under, you can’t really change that.


Server is back up :smiley:

It back? :l

yes :smiley:

do you host this on your computer or do you use a vps

Host it on my own computer for now. Once I get a personal dedicated server for my website, i’ll get a vps with it, and then move it over there :smiley:

Servers are now listed under:


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