[WIP] GDTNM / Nepenthe Multiplayer

See mod on Github

GDTNM | Nepethe Multiplayer

GDTMP-compatible multiplayer server implementation on Node.JS


  • Easier development & integration
    Original GDTMP server is written in C++, unlike the game written in JavaScript.
    It’s even possible to integrate this server with web frameworks such as Express.
  • Progressive enhancement
    Server will let know what it supports GDTMP-incompatible enhancements such as network compression and server-side plugins.
  • Cross-platform
    Start this server by editing only config.json configuration.
    Or require() this package and make server on your own.


  • Alpha: 12/19
  • Beta: 03/20



  • Basic server API
  • Chat features


  • Basic API for mods
  • Trading
  • Co-developing games
  • Spying
  • Advanced spying and sabotage
  • Own multiplayer mod


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Edit config.json
  3. Enable logging set DEBUG="gdtnm:*,-gdtnm:socket"
  4. Run npm start

exit it please! I can not wait to play with my friends! Do you have a release date?

This is a GDTMP-compatible server, so you can play with your friends on vanilla server.

I’m going to make GitHub repo for that, so anyone can help with development.