[fix] GDTMP with a working public server list

I got bored so I wrote a piece of code that could behave as a masterserver thing.

The client can be found at:

The new server can be found at:

Updating it is as easy as replacing the dmultiplayersrv executable with the new one.

For the programmers:
lol i wrote it in lua, source can be found at: http://p.pomf.se/6590
if you’re interested in the server app source, it’s exactly the same as the old one only http://data.gdtmp.tk/ is now http://xgdtmp.tk/

and now because there was a requirement on the original thread that I should link it:

blah blah blah, it was written by @Darkly
i miss him everyday


I love you

Also your mega link does not work for me

Ah nvm, it says the website is down

fixed the links :confused:

Thank you :smiley:

worth noting that Raiderpoer asked me to work together on gdtmp stuff, so it’s on his thing now.

also , i don’t think that the co develop works or trader thing.