What We Want In 1.5 (Post Your Ideas/Requests)

Game Dev Tycoon is a fantastic game and we need to help Greenheart improve it.
Post your ideas below about what you want in v1.5.0.

What I want is multiplayer function. You and a Steam buddy both start out in Y0 and battle it out seeing who can make the most money and your decisions also affect the other player. For example you will see their console in the Pick Console box and the more marketshare you have, the less your friend will have.

Add box art feature.

Be able to actually make a series instead of just piling sequels up and up. For example a news article could contain “The latest game in the Planes series has just come out etc.”


And, idea with box art. I saw it, @alphabit said that he with @SirEverard will try to work at it.

PS. There Were Topics Like that already…

No, say you have a City/Strategy/Simulation series called MyKingdom. You could click a “Create Series” button and in the Game Concept screen you would choose “Choose Game Series”

Okay, I got it. That Idea is cool.

I Don’t get it why there is


Box Art Cover
User reviews of our games
Add more option at game marketing (website, teaser trailer rumor)
DLC’s we need more dlc as paradox :slight_smile:
Expand company and build specialized departments for games
Fan tours at studio
Close or open Beta Version of the game for fans (get feeding and make the game better)
Spread rumors about a game… aka “Titan” Blizzard
More achievements
News about other game devs and studios, their games, fans etc what their doing better from you or worst etc

As we have stated numerous times before (and is also stated in our FAQ): we do not plan any feature updates for GDT. The games initial release is over a year ago so I think we did a fair share of support and additional features.

We are simply too eager to get going with our next game.

The modding community is your best bet for additional features and tweaks and seems to be well capable of attacking challenging ideas :slight_smile:

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