Downloading Mods

Im nervous do i need a back up file or a save slot?

Back up your saves just incase

You will keep your saves! They are saved in AppData while reinstalling the game deletes your Program Files files.


Well i opened like 500 finder windows searched the spotlight did everything i could but re install GDT and now i can’t even find the mod. and my dads in the middle of something…

Can you help me find the name? It was a online play mod. Were you could spy and sabotage.

-_- here’s the link

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Ok got it now i need the mod folder.

is it still not there

No… i haven’t re installed GDT yet.

reinstall it then

@KizzaGaming I’m Waiting for my dad!

Why are you waiting for your dad? Right click on game dev tycoon, delete local files. Then install it again. Not dangerous and takes around 5 minutes.


k then

Im still nervous… What if i do it wrong? I’m only 8.

I’m only 11! There is nothing to do wrong. You click ‘delete local files’ and then ‘install’. You keep all your saves, and there is a 100% guarantee nothing goes wrong. As long as you only right-click on Game Dev Tycoon, press ‘Delete Local Files’ (or something like that) and then ‘Install’.


@Stian i don’t have those options…

post a screenshot

How? Btw i have a Mac Keyboard And a Mac Computer

i use windows, so i can’t help you there

Are you on Steam?

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