Game Dev Tycoon: Online Play

Hello there all user today I will be talking about a new feature that will allow people to play Game Dev Tycoon on-line.
Before we go on any further ask yourself this have you ever seen any companies out there that start with two three maybe even four people, like Mojang? Why can’t we do that we could all love to do that. well this feature would allow you to play on-line. This would also bring in Muti- Making Games.

Here is how this would work:
Let’s say you start out with three people.
You get a bigger building and you get three more people (NPC’s)
Then you like we are making very good games three more people!
Then an building Upgrade then you get three more people and three more and on and on.

This update would at:
Online Playing
More Buildings
Muti - Game Making

Other Feature you could add:
Friends (Air Mech has a friends list and there connected with steam)
New Gaming Ratings 1-100
Three Topic Games
Set the Prices to you games
Website Making (Would Include Layouts that you made but Players would customize where what is.
A support Center
Indie Games like MMO’s but you can update them
Games without Story/Quest
Be able to see what hardware you made
Help Friends Option
Donate to Friends
Loan Friends
Networks (A 15 limit list of people who can say someone stole money from them are say someone did a crime etc,)
More Selection of Person Looks.
Connect with Google (After you signed up)
Connect with Twitter and Facebook ^^^^^^^
Game Company Logo Designs
Buy MMO games from other Company’s and other people on your network

That about all I can think of


Please reply and also add what you do not like and what you do like.

This is an awesome idea :smiley:

Also, another idea is that the first person to release Grid, the others can’t make it, but they can make games for it?
Another idea is that the logo designer could be like the COD one, like my game OS Tycoons’ logo maker will be :wink:

Thanks for the support!


Is There Ginna Be A Alpha? Or Beta? Because ill Test it for you.

Daniel, as long as you dont got a way of modding it yourself… Dont expect anyone to make it for you! Nor expect any credit.

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Sitan you didn’t have to be so rude.

Also, I dont think people could make a mod where two or more people could play together.

Its already made.

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Do you live in a pineapple?

YES I DO, i am ******* Spongebob !

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Awesome Idea mean i would love this option!

Please don’t necro. :wink:

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Next time use the search function! :wink:


This game is just awesome. The updated version is also just awesome. I am facing Linksys Login issue. But the problem gets solved now.