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Welcome to the official UltimateModEditor part of the UltimateSuite thread on the Greenheartgames’ community forum.

This project has been founded and is maintained by :accept: @alphabit and :tophat: @SirEverard.

##Vote for your favorite feature##

What features are important to you? Choose and vote for one of the listed features and it will considered for the further development.

:envelope: Vote for your favorite feature.

#Ultimate Suite for GameDevTycoon#
The Ultimate Suite is a bundle of components and tools aimed to simplify and extend the development of expansion modules for the game “Game Dev Tycoon” by Greenheart Games.

##Ultimate Module Editor (UME) for GameDevTycoon##
The UME (Ultimate Module Editor) is a Windows compatible professional IDE application that aims to simplify the creation of Game Dev Tycoon expansion module by using a visual approach and by providing the necessary tools and options that allows to generate the necessary module code without writing any line of Javascript.

The application development is progressing quite well and there are plans to release many exciting new features in the future, as long as the community response makes it worth to invest our time in the development of UME.

** Latest Introductory Tutorial **

System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
Libraries: NET Framework 4.0

For usage on a Mac:
Install and run Windows using a dual-boot approach (like Bootcamp) or a virtual machine software like Parallels.
See http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3986 for more information.

Release notes:

The application is written in C# using Visual Studio 2013 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.
UME is closed source and the source code of this application will be therefore not made available to the public. The usage of the software is however fully free.

By downloading, installing and using the Software you also agree to comply with the Greenheart Games Modding Agreement.

##Share your work##

Have done something using UME? A module? A let’ use or tutorial video on youtube?
We would be happy if you share it with us and we will add you to the official UltimateSuite ModList.

Official UltimateSuite ModList

:cinema: **Shared UME Videos **

Developer notes:

Ultimate Library for GameDevTycoon, Ultimate Module Editor for GameDevTycoon are developed by Francesco Abbattista and Chad Keating.

The development of this tool is the result of the motivation and inspiration of a wonderful community and all the great people that I meet here everyday. Without this great game and without your motivation, I wouldn’t have any reason to develop UME. This work is for giving something back and express thankfulness for this game and this community!

Thank you.
Let me also especially mention some people, without them this wouldn’t be possible:

@PatrickKlug @DanielKlug
the developers of this outstanding game thanks for supporting the UME project

the :green_heart:fairy

friend, daily inspiration and an important part of this project FA/CK ;- )

friend and constant inspiration (although he calls me a slacker : P)

inspiration and developer of the mod which accompanies me whenever I develop something for GDT

@DzjengisKhan @LineLiar
makers of the one and only expansion pack, inspiration and my GHG buddies

@Resinex112 @KizzaGaming @snowyterrorgami @maxedoutgoku @Tyler_Moore @Deathhood98 @ProbNightmare @GDI121 @WaveJones @apljee @BiggerBenHD @Sirmaniu @AnthonyVGNerd @Rex0099 @wimali @Zoe @Aswin_Vos @Alan_C_Ghizzi @Triopticon

our fellow UME testers

And last but not least, all the people who uses UME and motivate me everyday to continue to work on this project.

:sunny: Main Features

  • New, Open, Save Project
  • Generate, Validate and Build Code to a ready-to-deploy-and-use package
  • Topics, Engine Researches, RnD Lab Researches, Hardware Lab Researches
  • Events and Notifications
  • Achievements
  • Integrated Picture Management
  • Easy to use use interface
  • Built-in hints using tooltip hints on almost every UI element
  • Automatic and manual application updates, with alpha, beta and stable version support
  • Import and Export of each project item

:package: Change Logs

:bug: Current known problems

  • none

:pencil: Changes you can expect in the next release

  • Bug fixings
  • Special Researches (?)
  • Publishers (?)

:pencil: **Planned things for future version(s) **

  • Option to use random generated Platform name in module
  • Option to use random generated Platform Company name in module
  • Visuals (i.e. Rounded Borders, Custom Fonts) (*subject to change)
  • Unlock achievements by naming a game (thanks to @supersamuel)
  • GitHub upload and readme editor, for uploading modules and projects directly into GitHub (thanks to @GGVAC)
  • Create additional achievement criterias
  • UME Item Online Sharing
  • Automatic Update Notification Integration
  • Custom Genres (thanks to @Lordpotato)
  • Allow changes to existing data (vanilla stuff) (thanks to @darthvesta)


<img src="/uploads/default/2116/a4e915afb2fc249e.png’’>

##Support us##

We have put a lot of effort into this work and hope that you will find it useful.
If you like our work and would like to support us, express your thankfulness or simply want to make us a joy, consider buying us a beer or a coffee :wink:

A huge thanks to all who supported us financially :green_heart:


I never lie, nor do I say anything that does not have at least a bit of truth in it :smile:

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@alphabit, my mod name is not UltimateTest anymore, Its GameUltraTycoon. :slight_smile:

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@alphabit, thank You, You learned me how to make events and notifications!
(Before: I Can Do Notifications, but not events using them really…)

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@alphabit Add the option to unlock a achievement by naming a game

And, man you are a genius UME is fantastic, I can’t believe that it’s free


I want that aswell

@alphabit I only have the option to do a new save file, but I already created a save, is that a bug?

Congratulations on the release! Well done!


Man I can’t keep up with all these updates.

This is the first public release. So there haven’t been any updates yet.
Being a registered tester, you have received many updates in the past, didn’t you want to test UME? :wink:

You will be notified about new versions from within the application, that way you will also be allowed to directly download the related files from the internet, so I think that it’s a very quick and straightforward way to update UME.

If you feel that there are too many updates, you might want to consider skipping some of them. You can choose “Skip” or “Remind me later” in the updater. So you can make your download in dependence on what has been changed in the application. But consider that I will not have the time to support older versions :wink:


Hey @alphabit
Even though I’m judging by my ipad mini, I can’t see any anything that limits the platform from being developed large, aaa games, like the grphone: it can only be developed medium and small games (I think)
BTW: strawpoll link doesn’t work

@alphabit Please add an option to us let add the marketshare of the console

Alpha, I understand you are European, but that might be a problem for certain areas. Your dates are written out differently, and that may confuse Americans. Just trying to help.

Not long ago, I decided to make a mod specialized for platforms but I need some ideas [REQUEST] Need some mod ideas

I love, just love, my name to be on a list specially if it was on the top 10

Which dates are you talking about?

Eh, never mind. One other problem I came across though. No matter what is in that spot, line 5 in code.js will always give me an error when I’m trying to finish and build my mod.

Can u post a screenshot of the “code.js” window please?

Can u please use a name without “-” inside it?
When u entered the name, didn’t you have any warning (red blinking block)? If not, I might need to fix it.
You shouldn’t be allowed to use “-” or “blanks” or special characters in the project name, as a variable will be created out of that name.

Just try to use “BigOldExpansion” instead of “Big-Old-Expansion”. Does it work?

It worked. Thanks! :smiley:

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