[WIP] RealLifeTopics Mod [Alpha_v0.1.1]


Hey everyone! I am currently working on a mod about topics. These are topics so you can re-create you’re favorite games!

Beta_v0.01.2 is Here

Adding 1 event


Change GTA and Minecraft to Sandbox
Add Business Owner
Remove Hunting
And Much More!


This mod works with most mods that use UltimateSuite - UltimateLib [1.3.3]
This Mod Requires UltimateSuite - UltimateLib [1.3.3]

This mod is being created using [REL] [Tools] UltimateSuite - UltimateModEditor

All Topics:

App Development
TV Studio
Assassin’s Creed
Garry’s Mod
Grand Theft Auto
Theme Park
Elder Scrolls
I Spy
Mario Bros.

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I’m pretty sure that “Elder Scrolls” isn’t a topic… otherwise, it seems good :slight_smile:


Yeah, I just didn’t know what that game series topic would be! :slight_smile:


Ah :slight_smile: Fair enough


and minecraft is sandbox and indie maybe add a feature where you can keep updating the indie games you make


and just delete hunting


Well, many of these topics are more likely just games.


yes but he is good to it still


But then it’s now real life topics :confused:


what is the title


I am going to go ahead and change them to Sandbox in Beta! :smiley:


Beta Version 0.2.1 is in post-production, and is coming out Saturday, April 12th!


@Mikkel_Bie RealLifeTopics Mod is the title.


It Were to Jack because he 'but so Will it be Real life topies and something did go Wrong and it didnt say i reply to him but to the main post


And it did it again


Sorry for the release delay, I was having some issues with the mod but everything is good now! Enjoy :slight_smile:


Uhhh, dude.
It’s 17.04.2014.


I told everyone that the beta version would be out on the 12th, but it got delayed until today.




is it for gdt 1.4.5?