[WIP] Expansion: InfoStatsMod - 0.4.2


An expansion module for GameDevTycoon that aims to bring additional information and statistics screens to various aspects of the game.

Latest Version

The latest version is 0.4.2 published on Feb. 23rd, 2014


GitHub Repository
Here you’ll also find all development stages, current screenshots and change logs.

All official releases, including screenshots, changelogs and readmes.

All official releases. On this site you’ll also find threads to the module’s development.

@JayCheetah For ideas, help and assistance for new features in 0.4.0 and upwards (Thanks a lot!)

I will update this post for announcing the current status and new downloads, so that hopefully everything can be found more quickly.

All available download links can also be accessed through the Official Mod List

####GitHub Project Page:####


Can you post more quality pics, please?
The mod looks cool maybe you can add how many design/tech points were used in that game?

Another cool mod is coming!

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:slight_smile: Thanx.

@glampkoo: Although it is not visible on the screenshot, this information (and much more) is already internally available but simply not shown since I’m working on configurable column headers, which means that you can select by yourself which information should be displayed in the table / list. This information (Tp, Dp, & more) will also be displayed in the detail window, which is far from being ready. Concerning HQ screenshots, I’ll do that asap :slight_smile:


Yes the mod looks cool and original.
It gives more realism because that’s how I think it is IRL.

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@alphabit Please let me know when you have a working build up and i can add you to the official mod list!


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Hey @Charlie, thanks for the info :slight_smile: I’ll let you know as soon as I’m ready to release the mod.

Just a small update to the current development stage… take a look at the new screenshots. As you can see, I’m making progress in the design and development of the game detail window.



If you’re interested in an early alpha version of the module, I have uploaded the module to nexus-mod. Please follow this link to be up-to-date with this module:



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Have added you to the WIP section of the official mod list :smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Just a small update… I am currently working on the 3rd information set about a single game: Game Sales Analysis.
This shows a line/point graph that spans over the sales week (x-axis). The next step will be to integrate some mouse-over on the points to show the relevant values.

As soon as this feature is completed and stable, I’ll release an update to the module.

If you’re already using this module, it would be great if you could report errors, improvements ideas and give a general feedback :slight_smile:

Cheers and 'til the next update…


I really like how you used jquery ui, this is epic!

I love this mod!!!

This is going to be epic :smile:

Hey can you please not post to nexus mods? I don’t like that site very much because of its weird system (you need to be logged in to download mods :confused: )

@glampkoo You can also download the current version and future versions of module from the following link: http://gamedevmods.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=7

For this, you don’t need to be registered to download the package :slight_smile:

Yeah! It’s time for an update…:slight_smile:

I have just released the 0.2.0 version of the InfoStatsMod. I hope you enjoy the latest version… feedback always welcome!


  • Almost complete reengineering of the code (using separate files and classes) - Still cleaning up and creating better structure
  • Removed charts library in favour of the MIT licensed FLOT library to create better looking graphs and plots
  • Released Games Analysis: Sales Graphical Analysis including weekly points
  • Released Games Analysis: Tooltip on weekly sales points to exactly get income of a certain week (makes looking for profitable weeks easier)
  • Released Games Analysis: Selected Tab remains selected when selecting different items in the data table list
  • Released Games Analysis: Table sorting reviewed and fully implemented now
  • Footer: Game compliant number value formatting
  • Footer: Best game now calculated using highest score and highest profit
  • Sales Analysis: Remove access to feature in published version until it has reached a usable state

You can download the module from nexusmods or gamedevmods (if it is not available on gamedevmods, it’s because it is in approval status, so please be patient until one of the mods approves it).

The mod can be downloaded from:
NexusMod or GameDevMods

Here are some screens of the current version:


Oooh nice, will try this out later.