Ideas for Custom Created Engines

Hi there, my friends.

I’m having lots of problems trying to remember how are my custom engines. What techs I used on each one.
Some times, I need to develop different engines for different games. The prices are different.

I have one for Strategy Games and another one for 3D rpg games. But, when I research new things and need to develop another one, I just dont remember their components.

Is there a place where I can see all my Created Custom Engines?
This list could show:

  1. Their specifications
  2. Their platforms best use (with in-game experience from sales and develop progress rank)
  3. Their uses (what games, genres)
  4. If in use or not. Perhaps should show if you’re using or let fans use or just trash the engines.
  5. A grid to show them by filters
  6. If possible, a market to sell them or show them on Events
  7. the list just goes on.**

If you are into using mods, InfoStatmod by @alphabit shows you all relevant information about the games you have made included all engine features.