[TUT] Where To Find The Mod Folder (Mac Users)


Okay, so Mac users have been asking me how I found the mod folder as it isn’t in the place it should be. Well, us Mac users have a much more tedious process to get to the mod folder. I will go step-by-step on how to get to it.

  1. Go to your Game Dev Tycoon folder. You can find it by going to Library>Application Support>Steam>SteamApps>common>GameDevTycoon
  2. In the folder there should be the Game Dev Tycoon icon. Right click on it and press “Show Package Contents”.
  3. Go into the “Contents” folder.
  4. Go into the “Resources” folder.
  5. Go into the “app.nw” folder.
    In that folder should be the mods folder. If you need any more help, just ask.

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OK, the mods say to put it in the mod folder, since the mod folder is held inside the package, how exactly does this work. (I’m not a big Mac modder, if you can’t tell)


To tell you the truth, I don’t even know. I found the folder on complete accident. I’m not a big modded either so you will have to ask someone more experienced. My guess would be is that since it is the “app.nw” folder then I believe we are putting the mods in the game itself, instead of Steam.


This method doesn’t seem to even work, from my testing.


seems to work for me thanks alot


No problem. I’m happy to help.


Sorry for such a late response. Have you gotten to work yet? If not then once I am not sick anymore I can make a little tutorial video on how to find the folder and install mods into it.


Thank you so much!


No problem!


I haven’t bought the game on steam and when i try to add it to my steam games list it doesn’t recognize the game so i can’t find the folder