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Awesome! :trophy: Added to official mod list;


I LOVE YOU. this is perfect.


Great mod, as always. Keep going!


Been looking for a mod like this keep up the good work!


2 words, perfect mod


great & thx !!

I saw it 1st in an expansion mod but was actually looking for just the percentages because I estimate bad :stuck_out_tongue:


The link is broken for the mod. Could you repost a mirror? :frowning:


Fixed, sorry I had moved my website recently.


Awesome sauce! Thank you so much! :smile:



while you do develop a sort of feel for the slider, I still need this!

Thank you!


This doesn’t work for me for some reason. Is there any requirements for this mod?


Just consider that the last time this topic was updated was in may of 2014


holy mother of joseph.
1 year necro


So does this work or has it been abandoned?


Wow you done a great job for sure, if you want more information about that matter then go to Antivirus Support Number for help, they told you more about that matter.


Make sure you are running the steam version of game dev tycoon and not the website distributed one.