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To whom it may concern,I Just Want to say. I have been playing video. since before the Atari 2600. I am 50 years old…This game is the Best concept. And more entertaining than any game I have ever played. I thought Lucky’s casino adventure from QQP. was the best concept I had ever seen, This tops it…Alright.I suggest starting from way back…With for handheld… you can go with the old 1 dot for a handheld l football and basketball, soccer. then. pong…Then oddassy…n the coleco, Intelevision. Atari. vectrex, bally… and a few others…THANK YOU.


Start farther back…Pong. oddassy. atari. intelavision .Computers tsi 80 from coleco aqarius texas instruments 99,and so on… the game would have to start in 1976…I have alot of good memories of what was first…and the shelf life…if you want me to consult with… let me know… I left out a few and my spelling is terrible…but i remember playing pole position on the Atari 5200 and thinking how great the graphics were. compared to prior stuff.It wasn’t just the commodore and IBM…there were a few others that flashed into the competition.,Radio shack. tried. TRS80…Texas instruments, tried TI99 coleco tried and so did intellivision… after they seen Atari do it with the 400. Any Thank again for bieng…On it with this game concept, The Best!!!


Platformer, First/Third Person Shooter, RTS.
consoles; Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, Atari Jaguar, Atari 5200, Nintendo 3DS, Sony PSVita, and Sega Saturn.
Start farther back and develop Arcade games.
Choose Release Date.
Have Third Party Developing earlier in game, same with Sequels.
Change the audience age to ESRB Rating; E, E10+, T, and M.
To be able to own other companies and publish their games.
To be able to make a Portable Consoles.
And to have two consoles on the market at once; one a home console, the second a portable console.
MMOS Subscriptions not units sold/cost.
Choose when to take a console off the market instead of being taken off immediately when a new on is released.



Grid basically is Steam.


LineLiar: I know, but, I meant as a platform to develop games on.


I’ve suggested it many times, but nobody ever responds.

Can someone PLEASE create a mod that tells you the % of time allocation in the development stages.
Like this:

Not a coder, but that seems to be like it wouldn’t be too hard to do, and it would be immensely helpful.

Also, would like a little stat somewhere that tells me the current design/tech ratio. I don’t know why these things haven’t been done by modders when they are so crucial to game development.

[REL] Percentager 1.0.0

Manually retire a previous console from market, instead of it being automatically replaced by the newer one.

Even the other systems having a grace period, before the previous version is being retired.


Another thing about MMOs, it would be great if they are “subscription” and not sale based. It seriously doesn’t make any sense for me, that the maintenance costs are constantly increasing and you are forced to constantly produce Expansion Packs. With the current game mechanics, it’s quite challenging to run 3 MMOs simultaneously.


Here is my ideas
• New Consoles
Totally Consoles

  • Atari Consoles
    • Atera Pung (Atari Pong)
    • Atera Pung Home (Atari Pong Home) This is a research to Atera Pung
    • Atera 2600 (Atari 2600)
    • Atera Jungur (Atari Jaguar)
    • Atera Jungur CD (Atari Jaguar CD) This is a research to Atera Jungur
    • Atera Lityx (Atary Lynx)
  • Nintendo Consoles

• Ninvento Satella Vision (Snes Satella View) This is a research to Super Ninvento
• Ninvento 64dde (Nintendo 64dd)] This is a research to Ninvento 64
• Ninvento Televisor Game (Nintendo TVGAME)
• Ninvento Virtual Ling (Nintendo Virtual Boy)
• Game Ling Color (Game Boy Color)
• Game Ling Advanced (Game Boy Advanced)
• Ninvento GS Pro (Nintendo Ds Lite)
• Ninvento GSi (Nintendo Dsi)
• Ninvento GSSl (Nintendo Ds xl)
• Ninvento 3GS (Nintendo 3ds)
• Ninvento 3GSSl (Nintendo 3ds xl)
• Ninvento 2GS (Nintendo 2ds)
• Ninvento 2GSl (Nintendo 2ds xl) This is a future console.
• Ninvento Life (Nintendo Life) This is a future console
• Ninvento Shockware (Nintendo Shockware) This is a future console

  • Sony Consoles

• Vonny Playsystem Y (Sony Playstation X)
• PPS Viva (Playstation Vita)
• Playsystem 6 (Playstation 6) This is a future console

  • Microsoft Consoles
    • MBox 837 (Xbox 837) This is a future portable console
    • MBox Two (Xbox Two) This is a future console

  • SNK Consoles
    • Veo Reo (Neo Geo)
    • Veo Reo Mini (Neo Geo Pocket)

  • Panasonic, Sanyo & LG
    • 3vo entertainment (3do Interactive Multiplayer)
    I’ll post more ideas besides consoles


A lot of those consoles are included in these mods :slight_smile:


To be more realistic, I think you need a special piece of software and a coding language to make (example-graphic). Like paint or photoshop or something.
Softwares for almost every stage.
Also a coding language that you can specify at the beginning of development.
I think that it will be fair to pay for a piece of software, but it would be cool that you can make your own coding language or software and put in your engine.
Staff needs to be taught to code in a different language or to use a software.

Hope you like my idea, hope you use it in your next mod or an update.You are free to do it if you tell me whats the mod name to download it. :smile:


I agree


I have trouble making any that get a score above 6, much less one that makes money.
But I like your idea.


This post goes out to any modder who may be looking for some ideas.

I would love to see the MMO’s in this game get a re-work. For starters, maybe a feature to do server maintenance or upgrade to reduce the amount it costs to run an MMO since I feel like it’s unrealistic how it is. Make it a hefty sum of money for an upgrade and a much smaller yet expensive cost for maintenance but both curb the operating expenses of the game for a time, and maybe the upgrade can allow for more features?

Secondly think an MMO should have some new features that are not available for regular games. For instance, you can set a level cap, and the next expansion might raise that. Also an MMO game should have some sort of trade feature, PvP ,real-money store and cooperative missions, with each of those aspects being able to be tweaked and upgrades as the MMO evolves. Positive tweaks will ensure a longer-lasting game while negative changes will just help kill the polularity and revenue of the game faster.

Lastly, we need a new kind of game. On top of small, medium, large, AAA and MMO, we need free to play. While I personally stay away from those, they seem to be very lucrative in the right hands, and its only right to include that sort of model in this game.


One thing I have wanted since the beginning was the ability to delegate how much time you take on a game. Sometimes I want to be able to spend 6 years on a small game, or 1 week on a AAA game to screw myself over.


Nice ideas, two thumbs up!


I never thought of that, but, very good idea


I kinda just want to change the name of my employees. And maybe change the way they look or something.


I Will To see A mod where you Are Making Game in A Zombie outbreak or a mod that do so you also can make Movies out of your Games


I like the idea.Of competing companies…And also someone could through in the government trying to get you to put out propaganda in the games…“Like the money they put into sponsoring war games”…Thanks to all you modders…it is making the GDT…a lot more interesting to play…