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Hi! Thanks for reading! I made a little presentation just to help :stuck_out_tongue:
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Reset Sliders (Number 2 / 4)
I would like for there to be away to reset the sliders to %50 or halfway. It’s just something that I think I would find useful, because I’m OCD about that sort of stuff, and It would just give you more control I think.

Slider Percentage Indication (Number 1 / 3)
Again, I’m OCD about that sort of stuff, and I think it would be very useful if you could see how what the percentage is. I’m not talking about the 100 dived by the 3 sliders, each slider’s individual percentage. And that would just be great for me, because I like to be precise .

Anyways, that’s my ideas. Sorry about the long message :blush: Thanks again for reading! Have a nice day! I apologize for any typos and spelling or grammar errors.


Slider Percentages are already in a mod called Percentager.


@splatzbat27 I’ve been asking for Slider Percentage Indication way back even before Mod Support was included and still no edition :frowning:

oh and you want to include people with more power - @PatrickKlug @DanielKlug @Charlie

That should get the Topic noticed by the Team


@tmch yes that may be the case but that is for the Overhaul bar at the bottom and not for each slider


So just add @(name) to the post? That’s neat!


This is not going to be in the official version but as others have already pointed out, there is a mod for this.

The idea behind the sliders is that the player decides which features are more important for this game than others. The game is tuned to interpret the slider settings like this. It doesn’t matter much if a feature is 64% instead of 65%. What matters is that feature A is much more important, slightly more important, similar or less important than feature B and C.

We wanted to keep the UI simple, introducing a bunch of percentages and additional buttons only serves to make the game harder to understand.

In summary we implemented this without percentages and hard numbers on purpose.