Game Dev Tycoon - Steam Greenlight and responding to feedback

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Some additional information about current and coming updates:

The latest version is 1.3.9. We are working on 1.3.10 which should help with FPS issues and solve the audio buffer problems. We’re still investigating white-screen issues but it seems that disabling anti-virus applications or disabling your internet connection can help. More info here.


Great news.

As I gather we won’t be seeing the game on steam before the big update in August then?

so, how many more days until 1.3.10.

Correct. I will take us a while to integrate steam properly anyway and we really want the balance issues addressed before Game Dev Tycoon is featured on the front page on Steam :slight_smile:



was ist mit der Übersetzung in deutsch? Geht es da noch vorran oder wird das Spiel erstmal nicht übersetzt? Desweiteren habe ich noch eine Frage und zwar ich habe das Spiel damals in Windows 8 Store gekauft bekommen die leute eigentlich dann auch ein Steam Key oder nur die die es direkt hier auf der Webseite gekauft haben?

Danke schonmal für die Antwort

Sorry das ich in deutsch schreib aber ich kann kein Englisch :smile:

@Magiclight Die übersetzung läuft gut aber wir müssen das noch ausgiebig testen. Release-termin gibts dafür noch nicht.
Wir planen auch für Windows 8 Store Kunden einen Steam key zu verfügung zu stellen. Wie genau das gehen wird, ist noch nicht klar aber wahrscheinlich durch einen Mechanismus direkt im Spiel.

For everyone: The translation efforts are still continuing of course but we will need to test them carefully before we can release them. No ETA for translation has been set yet.

We will provide Steam keys for customers who bought from our website and intend to do the same for those who bought the Windows Store version. With the Windows Store version the key might be delivered through an in-game mechanism.

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Okay danke für die Antwort.

I just want to thank you for the game and for your hard work. Patience is hard to come by sometimes, but I for one would rather wait for the bugs to go down than rush the game or update out. :smiley:

It’s developers like you that are the future of the industry and I greatly appreciate what you’ve already done and look forward to what you do in the future. Now if a developer would just take my pitch for a game and make it a reality! :wink:


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Thats great news :smiley: I will continue to support Greanheart Games and look forward to the future of Game Dev Tycoon and cant wait to see any new games that pop up. I like your game so much ive started a youtube series on it :slight_smile:

Only thing that has stopped me buying GDT is because i’m on Win 7, and because it isn’t on Steam. Very happy that it’s coming to Steam and i look forward to what you guys produce in the future

i just want to say thanks for making a great game!

Glad to hear that :smiley:

AUGUST! I was hoping next week i really want to play the game but im short on cash yet i have money on my steam account arghhh

Glad to hear this from Greenheart Games! Keep up the great work, can’t wait for the sequel!

just to clarify: we are not working on a sequel. We are working on polishing the current game. A sequel is not on the near horizon yet and we will likely create a different game as our next project.

10, All Games - More please. :slight_smile:

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Will you be following the Kairosoft route and create a “different” themed game but with the same game basics as this, or something totally unique?

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we like to experiment :slight_smile:

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I just wanted to say thank you two for putting the time and effort into making a great game and being nice people overall. :slight_smile: It makes me happy when I see developers actually care about their fans and interact with them.