[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)


I just tried it again on the server application mediafire download on Nexus. It’s still saying cannot open as archive through 7Zip and another friend of mine tried to open it as well and couldn’t either. Maybe something’s breaking during the upload?

I can’t host my private server with my friends with the latest client, apparently, without this, too. >.<

Why must things break!? WHY!? drama intensifies


You could try WinRAR. I have never had any problems with WinRAR and after all WinRAR is - pretty much - better than 7Zip.


7-zip is optimized for “.7z” files. I also use 7-zip, but primarily this is for compatibility with its own extension.


Oh, and, here are some suggestions:

You should review the mod. It is awesome but in the same time is purely dangerous and destructive. The ability to kill staff is way too OP until you can hire someone with nearly Same skills as the one dead, and until the main character can’t die (because, you can’t replace it). You can do that or:

Last night, a kid with modified savegames came on the single server available… I have my savegame worked from scratch, hours of work, I hit around 4 bilions last night from 1,5 billions, after deving a new engine, console, mmo. Big numbers, but these are RIGHT, real, worked off my ass to get there. When this guy kills my main character which I can’t replace… If I didn’t had a 5 mins save (which was purely coincidental), he would’ve ruined all my hours of work and my experience. Securing the server isn’t a solution, you should think about what I said above about hiring again, OR change it to TEMPORARY abduction, more money invested = more time abducted.

Also, if this isn’t already a feature, you should give some signs when someone sabotages an in-dev game of another player. He has the right to know he didn’t screw up…


I highly doubt it’s 7Zip. It opens the Client Mod just fine. And WinRar does not work.

“!   C:\Users[User]\Downloads\Comodo IceDragon Downloads\GDTMP Server The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”

It’s not the fact I’m using 7Zip - which is free and not nagware like WinRar - it’s the fact something’s breaking in the download or upload. This could be remedied I suppose by any confirmation if anyone else got the Server Application to download and extract. I don’t want to be forced onto a public server if I don’t want to, hence why I haven’t updated it.


@NeoTanner I have no idea why that happens. It works for me if I download the mod from Nexus/MediaFire, and I’ve tested with both 7Zip and WinRAR. I seriously have no clue why that happens to you and your friends. There are public servers out there, so the download must have worked for them.

The number one problem here is that this mod was originally meant for private games between friends, in which case you don’t really need to prevent cheating because usually everybody will play fair. As time passed, however, I’ve added certain features to both the client and the server such as a server browser, ability to ban players, etc., but I’ve never been able to completely prevent cheating since that would require having the server process all client data. Which would make the mod much lengthier to develop, even if I modified the client to also be a server.

I don’t want to downgrade the mod either because some people use the mod, either. I could add your abduction replacement as a server option, but doing so doesn’t mean cheaters won’t start to spam that instead. The best thing to do here is to make all forms of sabotage optional in the server.

That is, I do understand the feeling of some random idiot joining the server you’re playing on and doing mass sabotage. I suggest using my save backing up mod (which works for most people) and doing a manual save from the main menu every once in a while so that you have two save files and some full backups you can choose from when that happens. And check if the server host is online so he can ban the cheater.

Oh, and by the way, the CEO is invincible and can’t be killed :wink:

Unless it was broken by a recent update, that is already in the mod. The assassination notifications are a bit cryptic (for example, “Your employee got crushed by the Eiffel Tower”) but that was added during the early days (the first release, in fact) when the mod was made for private games only.

Thanks for your input, and I’ll definitely keep what you wrote in my mind and try to improve the mod :slight_smile:


You couldn’t try to add a server filter, so that only people with this and this mod can be allowed on the server? That would fix all your problems.


If you mean preventing cheating by doing that, then no, you can still fake which mods you have.


then add an option to the server, only non-modded clients. No mod compatibility with that option on :slight_smile:


Thanks for answer but you just generated a bug report… He killed my main character. How he did it? I don’t know :), it just died, and I got the name of an employee…

Also, by Sabotage I meant about Sabotaging a game in development… And, you saw the bug report about the line 4092? :smiley:

BTW: That’s a nice ideea with the server options, also, I understand that would be impossible to make an anti-cheat :stuck_out_tongue:


then you force the mod to load in the mod itself

@Darkly Could there perhaps be a limit applied to the times one can sabotage per X? Because I find it really funny to just load up the mod, hop on a server, turn on CheatMod and sabotage everybody… muahahahaha


That doesn’t make any sense. If you add an option to turn of all mods, you use the “.modloaded” events.


But then you can fake and tell the server that you don’t have any mods enabled, it’s impossible :stuck_out_tongue:

The cheater could just edit my mod to turn off all anti-cheat stuff, it’s pure unobfuscated JS.

I’ll check that out. I thought it was impossible for the code to select the CEO.

Yes, I fixed the bug too (in my unreleased code). Thanks for reporting it!

I… think there already is such a limit. Or maybe I forgot to implement it. xD

Well, I hope you don’t really do that…


Why dont you just obfuscate your code? Its not like anyone got time to read it :stuck_out_tongue: (admit it, its more messy than my code)


Loading the mod inside the mod itself does actually make sense. if it does do the ‘turn off all the mods’ check, it will ignore a few mods, for example api’s and itself. So when you load a cheat in the mod itself, it would just run. :slight_smile:


http://jsbeautifier.org/ < i think this is the reason

nah, didn’t get that research yet


Actually I just discovered JSPretty which seems to do a much better job at deobfuscating JavaScript than JSBeautifier. Doesn’t make much of a difference in GDT’s basic obfuscation, though.


mh, I’d rather have readable code than a beautified shiny big piece o’ code.




I dont think thats the mods fault…