Where are the saved files location?


hey guys, I was wondering, I want to restart the game and to delete all my saved games that I had before.
Where do I locate the files? as I cant delete them from in-game…

I just bought the game after reading how AWESOME they fight pirates, GG!!
you guys rock!

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C:/Users/YOURUSER/Appdata/Local/Game Dev Tycoon/
For Windows 7 (Or 8 I guess)

Delete the files inside and you can start all over again. Including doing the tutorial and all the achievements.

Make sure you can see all hidden files and folders as the Appdata folder under your user is hidden: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/394-hidden-files-folders-show-hide.html


Great but which files are specific saves? I would like to keep my achievements and 1 particular save

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The file file__0.localstorage contains all the save data for the game.

On Windows Vista/7/8 (Website Version):
C:/Users/YOURUSER/Appdata/Local/Game Dev Tycoon/Local Storage/
where YOURUSER is your Windows user name.

On Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSER\Local Settings\Game Dev Tycoon\Local Storage
where YOURUSER is your Windows user name.

On Windows 8 (App Store Version):
where YOURUSER is your Windows user name.

On Mac:
~/Library/Application Support/Game Dev Tycoon/Local Storage

On Linux
~/.config/Game Dev Tycoon
(might be slightly different)

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When i open the game it says "cannot read property "id" null" and that makes me sad because i was so exited for this game
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Found that thanks. Am I right in thinking it is an “all or nothing” situation when deleting saves then?


You can start a new game and simply overwrite your old saves. Thus you keep your achievements, and get to start from scratch.


Yep will just need more imaginative company names so I don’t get confused!


Alright… I’m guessing that isn’t the right location for Windows XP (Due to having attempted it a few times thinking it would be different every time). I’ve looked all over, even done a search, and can’t find anything, even with a search. Am I missing something?


By now one would expect users to be able to translate instructions meant for Win7 into those meant for WinXP…

Translates to:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSER\Local Settings\Game Dev Tycoon\Local Storage\

for WinXP


I’ve done that. Tells me it cannot find it. Which is why I even asked. Thanks for making it sound like I was stupid.


Figured out the issue myself. It is

C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Application Data\Game Dev Tycoon\Local Storage


I apologize, I was referring to Vlad not listing both paths in his post. Good to see you’ve solved it.


Lol yeah I had to clear my local data out a few times cause it missed up my recording xD


my saved game data not saving to that folder and i have searched most of my computer for it.

P.s. i have a windows xp


New version of game doesn’t store in files saves but in sqlite database file witch contains all saves in one.


The guide for Mac OS appears to be incorrect. I have no Game Dev Tycoon folder in my application support folder.


I’m on surface RT and I can’t find the location? Any tips