The Official Community Mod List

Category: :video_game: Platform
Title - Grid Machine Mod
Link - [REL] Grid Machine Mod
This mod adds the “Grid Machine” platform to the game

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Category: :european_castle: Overhaul
Title - Extended GRID
Link - Forum Topic
*- Adds random events

  • New research which makes a game feel like it’s published on a online distribution platform*

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Category - :european_castle: Overhaul
Title - NadGamingPlusStuff
Link - NadGamingPlusStuff
Add few features to the game. Made with UME

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Category - :tanabata_tree: Topics
Title - UltraEngineResearch
Link - [WIP] [0.0.4 ALPHA] UltraEngineResearch (U.E.R) [FINAL ALPHA] [HALT]
*A mod thats adds MOAR Engine research! Made with UME. *

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Category - :lantern: Aesthetic
Title - WayMoreAchievements Mod
Link - [WIP] WayMoreAchievments Mod
A mod that adds 12 new achievements to the game with way more to come. Made using Ultimate Mod Editor.

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**Category - :european_castle: Overhaul **
Title - Eye Candy Mod
Link - [OUTDATED] EyeCandyMod
Adds Mostly Engine Parts, but adds Topics as well.

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Category - :european_castle: Overhaul
Title - GameUltraTycoon
Link- [WIP] GameUltraTycoon 2.1.2 (Public Release!)
Made with UME and was made when UME Testing was still in progress. This mod adds a lot of stuff into it.

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Category: :european_castle: Overhaul
Title - Achievements&Consoles
Link - [WIP] Achievements&Consoles
A mod that adds over 40 achievements and 11 consoles. Razorblade and Pandora made by
Jakub, lots of support from Charlie and Aswin_Vos.

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Category: :tanabata_tree:Topic Mods
Title - Movie Topics Mod
Link - [WIP] Movie Topics Mod
A mod that adds topics relating to movies, from Die Hard to Toy Story

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Category - :european_castle: Overhaul
Title - GDT Graphic Update
Link - GDT Graphic Update v0.1

The best way to update your Game Dev Tycoon graphics to realistic textures!

Category - Platform
Title - Extended History Mod
Link - Extended History Mod

Category: :european_castle: Overhaul
Title: Game Dev Tycoon Upgrade 2
Link: [REL] Game Dev Tycoon Upgrade Mod 2 [Version 1.0]
The upgraded and polished version of the original GDT Upgrade Mod, as the original one did, adds a lot topics and researches, 4 new consoles with events on retirement and announcement, 2 new Lab researches and 13 achievements, every time I update the mod I will update this numbers :smiley: The mod is co-developed by @iSenzo


Title - The R.P.T. Expansion Pack

Category - Overhaul

Link - The RPT Expansion Pack
- Adds 25 clever Engine Researches
- 9 refreshing Platforms
- 77 unique Topics

Category: :jack_o_lantern: Theme
Title: Election Time

A dynamic world full of assasinations and war.
Randomly selected election candidates each give you different bonuses.
Experience legal issues at its worst!

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Category - :lantern: Aesthetic
Title - Finance Mod
Link - [REL][2.0.0][Added Graphs] Finance Mod

Adds a way to see all your company finance.


Category - :european_castle: Overhaul Mods (almost)
Title - ExtendedGDT
Link - [REL]ExtendedGDT - [] - Removing useless stuff!
This mod adds new topics, new researches, (many) and new platforms. It also adds a little of storyline to GDT named PixelWare, and another company called Generic. It includes more stuff than you think. Does not use UME/UL.


Overhaul Mods

Ultimate Mod

Category - Overhaul
Title - EngineExpansion
Link - [WIP] EngineExpansion - Adding More Options to your Engines!
Aims to add lots of Engine Researches to the game that are compatible with the Camelot Expansion Pack, GDT Expansion Pack and the EyeCandyMod. Come in and post suggestions or help with coding for a place on the credits list!


What about Modding Tools Authors.

The only Mod Makers that work and are out there are by @Stain and me.

Ultimate Suit is a bit broken.