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Ultimate Mod

Category - Overhaul
Title - EngineExpansion
Link - [WIP] EngineExpansion - Adding More Options to your Engines!
Aims to add lots of Engine Researches to the game that are compatible with the Camelot Expansion Pack, GDT Expansion Pack and the EyeCandyMod. Come in and post suggestions or help with coding for a place on the credits list!


What about Modding Tools Authors.

The only Mod Makers that work and are out there are by @Stain and me.

Ultimate Suit is a bit broken.

So is yours… :wink:

Haha not anymore thank you for the feedback.

Category - :tanabata_tree:Topic
Title - Topic Gems Mod
Link - [WIP] Topic Gems Mod
A constantly progressing topic mod aimed to provide more topics to add some spice to GDT. Topics are added by either me or your comments on what to add to it. Currently small, it will grow depending on what you want to add to it, or until I get bored. Until then, this will be a WIP mod.

Link-MY mod for GDT morestuffexpansionpack
I made this mod and basically its a mod that adds topics,research,platforms and a few achievements.
I think @SirEverard and @DzjengisKhan mods are better but mine should be in their category in my opinoin