[REL] The CMPack (Installation tutorial Included!)

Welcome to The Official CMPack page, if you don’t know what The CMPack is yet then let me tell you. The CMPack delivers more fun for you when you are playing Game Dev Tycoon adding for example more Topics or Platforms. The best piece about The CMPack is that you can either download each part pack as a standalone or download the Overhaul pack which includes all of the Standalone part packs together as one.

The CMPack requires UltimateLib to be able to function, so please make sure you have UltimateLib installed before trying to run any part packs from The CMPack.

UltimateLib: http://goo.gl/PJSXmL

Learn how to install mods for GDT

To download any of the part packs simplely click on the image and it should directly download the mod for you.

Version - 3.0
Removed ECM, CCM & OPM (They Were Very Broken)
Refined TCM, PCM_UnKnoWn, PCM_Simple(Other), Achievements & RCM
Updated PCM_UnKnoWn images
Name change PCM_Other > PCM_Simple
Implemented RCM with hardware research
All part packs tested using UME and confirmed working!
Have added this Revision to the GDT Workshop
Version Features:
TCM has 150 Topics
Platforms_UnKnoWn has 6 Platforms
Platforms_Simple has 5 Platforms
RCM has 20 Researches
ACM has 10 Achievements



Cool Idea! I don’t need to download dem topics

Hey, Would you like me to add this to the official mod list?

What did the OPM do ?

Ok so like a cheat platform ?

Ok thanks for information :smile:

@snowyterrorgami please remove the use of ad.fly based links from your mods. This is against the Game Dev Tycoon Modding Agreement:

Other Monetary Benefits and Donations

Usage of advertisements, other revenue-generating elements and donations are subject to the following rules:

(a) you may not add advertisements, other revenue-generating elements or call for donations inside the mod or game itself;

(b) advertisements or other revenue-generating elements, may only be facilitated on your own website and must not be used in mod listings;

© you may ask for donations on your website or in mod listings but such requests must follow after the mod description, title or download link and must not obscure these elements or be visually intrusive to users.

(d) the mod must be available as a free download and must not be gated behind forced advertisements or other revenue-generating elements;

(e) the download link to a mod must remain clearly identifiable and must not be obscured by advertisements;

(f) you may ask for optional donations but donations must not give exclusive benefits. Everyone should have access to the same mod;

(g) installation of mods must be free from advertisements or other revenue-generating elements;

(h) the mod or the mod-installer may not add or install other third party elements, such as toolbars, system utilities or anything not related to the game itself;

Please adjusts your links as soon as you can, otherwise we will have to remove your mod from the forum.

Don’t be sad bro :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for updating your links :smile:

where is cmpack version 2.00 ?

i download event pack but i downloaded version 1.5 not 2.0 ?

btw, i have error with event pack when “someone blablablabla connection in your network (CMIIW)”

*sorry, i’m bad in english

Did updated ACM and ECM on 0.2.0?

I’m not asking this, i’m asking if you changed/added anything to this parts :wink:

What does the OPM mod do? I am really confused cause I see no difference in my game at all when I use the OPM. I just get a notification when I first start up the game saying Golden Ticket with no image and I just click Okay and nothing happens. I haven’t seen any signs of an over powered platform or anything else you’ve said about it. Also, this is on a brand new save plus I am using supersamuel’s Super Modpack V4 as well. I just added this mod in to see what it’s like but I can’t figure out what it does or how to activate anything in it…

Alright. Thanks for the clarification. When does the console release and what is the name of it, etc? And I will be sure to let you know if any errors come up!


I have just downloaded all the packs by clicking on the images and once in game all show as 1.5 apart from ACM which is 2.0, this is as of 40mins ago today.

Unlockables are achievements I assume? :wink:

what happened ?

nothing happen

sorry, i don’t get it