[REL] Cheat Mod by kristof1104


" - Fixed a problem with the No Bugs Mode "
So you are saying you fixed a Bug in the No Bugs Mode? … :wink:


I installed the 2 mods you said, and when i go into mods on the main menu i can click it. But when i get into the actual game theres is no Cheatmode option. Not sure what ive done wrong.


Sorry I have no idea what you mean, what 2 mods did I tell you to install?
Does your cheatmod in the mods Panel turn Blue or Red?



New version

Version 1.0.5
- Added simple way to set money and fans for mod testing.

Regards Kristof


They seem to be working for me, did you use the ‘Upload - Ctrl-G’?
It may well have been a temporary issue with Discourse.


Weird doesn’t seem to work with

Edit, uploading it from web didn’t work but uploading via file did thx @charlie!


I have installed it, and it isn’t showing on the mods list the other mods i have installed show like the Quas Company mod, that shows up fine.

Why is it not showing? :frowning:


What Is the name of folder you extracted to ‘mods’ folder?




What? No!
I meant the FOLDER NAME, not the program You used…


It Is wrong.
It Should be just CheatMod.
The CheatMod-master folder contains CheatMod Folder.



thanks for the mod!

not sure if you’re taking requests, but I was wondering if it is possible to add some sort of ruler type guide, to the bottom of the time allocation bar? Nothing to snap anything into place mind you, just so might get an idea of percentages.

Thanks again!


Thanks, I’m always open for requests:
Can you elaborate a bit more on the ruler guide?
Do you want it to display the perfect percentages for the topic/genre ?



Hey @kristof1104
I just downloaded 1.5 and noticed that there is a zip inside the zip. Is it anything special other than Zipception :smiley:

How to get privilege's to put a mod in mod folder? (Mac

If I understand correctly, sounds like something I’m looking for as well:

Basically slider percentages near the bottom (edit: doesn’t need to be at the bottom, though that may look less clunky) to give an idea what % the sliders are actually at instead of eyeballing it. Displaying perfect %s for topic/genre would be cool as well.

Also, thanks for taking the time to make this mod! It’s much appreciated. :smiley:


But… why should that be in CheatMod?


[quote=“Haxor, post:319, topic:8831, full:true”]
But… why should that be in CheatMod?[/quote]

It doesn’t have to be. Like I said, “sounds like something I’m looking for” which means I’ll go elsewhere for it if kristof has no interest.

Although TBH, knowing exactly what the slider %s are and knowing exactly what %s you need for the topic/genre would be quite cheat-y.



Still, it looks more like a feature to Camelot’s Exp Pack.



Im not looking for perfect percentages…well I am :slight_smile: maybe just a simple mark for every 10 percent or so. or fancy if you prefer.

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

the trouble is, there is now marks\guides to try to improve upon. if my game doesnt turn out, I would like to be able to reload and make what ever minor adjustments, but cant tell from where. Sorry, hope that makes sense?

Thanks again!

Edit: Ok just played for a bit to see again. It really needs percentage markers, on the time allocation bar. as well as somehow making markers on the slider bars.


Well, I wasnt sure. some may consider this a cheat? At any rate…some gifted individual, please turn this into something :smile: