[REL] Cheat Mod by kristof1104


Hi I don’t really get what you mean can you be a bit more specific?


Hints are the ++ and the – while in Game Development, choosing topics/platforms etc. Are you sure that’s what you meant?


If you mean when you reboot GDT the hints are gone, like in the description you need to activate that function every time!


Sorry let me try again.
When doing a game report and see that RPG/PC is a great combo, it will not show up in the game, sometimes the same hit will come up again because of this. I am running other mods and took them out one by one to see which mod did this and your’s was unlucky one, that sucks because it is by far the mod I favor.

Edit: And I have the Show All Hits is off, manly because I had most of them.


Thx I’ll check it out when I get home!
When you have all hints on, they don’t get saved so game-reports won’t work!

But since you have it off it should work, but’ll check it out later!

Thanks for reporting it!


You were right there was a problem :slight_smile:
Should be fixed now, redownload cheatmod and let me know!

Cheers Kristof


Yup, that fixed it up. Thank you and good luck with your competitor mod.


@kristof1104, can you add this suggestion:

  • Make casual games available from the beginning

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi @kristof1104, I quickly wrote for @LineLiar a mod which simply activates Casual games from the very beginning. It’s posted on [REL] Expansion: StartsWithMod - 1.1.0.

Although it’s a piece of cake for you to implement it, if you wanna be lazy, please just grab my implementation (in case you don’t have the corresponding override) and put it into your CheatMod, as it makes much more sense to have this feature in your mod instead of having it in a separate one.

Wish you a nice sunday :wink:


@LineLiar @alphabit Thx Nice sunday for you to!

version 1.0.4
- Unlock Casual games & Sequels when starting new games


Make us unlock Multi-Genre and Multi-Platform please!


Thanks for a great mod.


Hey I downloaded This Mod And It Doesn’t Work Its In The Mods Option In The Menu How Can I Fix It?


How do i fix this? it keeps coming up!


It happens when You don’t release game and change office.


Thanks :wink:


Hi mate, awesome mod! but couldnt you like add some of the real names instead of cheater1-5 http://gamedevtycoon.wikia.com/wiki/Staff <— from there.


Hey could you add the ability instantly get all researches you have. And instant engines.


I keeping getting an error saying Uncought TypeError: cannot read property ‘releaseweek’ of null


Read Dem Posts!

It Is 5th from end!