[REL] Cheat Mod by kristof1104


The mod went red.


From what I see, despite that “mod complete/over”, there are (were at least) updates, so to me, this mod is still alive until Kristof1104 says it’s finally over and nothing more can be add to his mod. So it’s legit of me to ask for this :wink: (and at the end of the day, he will be the one to decide if it’s do-able or not and if he has time for this and if he is willing to do it and then answer to my question, not me :blush: )


MMO’s need a buff, I have to be always making DLC, and then fans think I am milking it.


@Awesome You need to redownload THE official gdt-api. Download iT from github and place it into your mods folder. You’ll need it for almost all mods. That is why all mods you try are red.

@Oyokoya thx for the kind words i’ll look into it when i have Some spare time!


Just to make sure, you want your boost to recharge instantly?


Yes, like if there was no cooldown at all. (if you buy the 1st boost, you can get the x2 infinite and if you buy the 2nd, you get x3 infinite, if it’s possible, as I, for my part, don’t like to play with endgame things when I’m not at that level yet)


@kristof1104 Can you give me a link to the github?



I installed the latest version now of CheatMod. And what shall I say? It’s brilliant :wink: Thanks again for the great work @kristof1104 … this mod helps me so much :wink:

Suggestion: Why don’t u make a button underneath the hype label so that u can directly add hype without going into the menu? :wink:


Wow Thx @alphabit
comments like that are what make my day!

And now to all the other people using the mod and never say Thanks, I put alot of time and effort into this…
you could at least press the like button :slight_smile: or say thx :slight_smile:


This mods helps me too!
But, I dont like that, that we can only add 1M money or 100 RP. Can You make for example +100k and +10 RP?


@Haxor, Kristof said in a previous message:

And when you think if it, this kinda makes sence :stuck_out_tongue: (at least to me ^_^)

And @kristof1104, I’m sure everybody really appreciates the time and effort you put into this mod. I’m not even sure if I have ever thanked you for it, but I’m sure all of us modders can’t live without it anymore. It makes everything 1000x easier testing. So if I haven’t said it before: A massive thanks to you and I hope the mod will become the best of the best (which it already is in my opinion :smiley:).


I think this mod is a “standard”… the so called “must have”. Since I started playing GDT and using mods, CheatMod and Expansion Pack are nearly always installed and used during developments and play sessions.

The funny thing about CheatMod is, when u think it can’t be beaten anymore, something new comes in :slight_smile:


Since you started playing with mods… I’m very sure you made a statement about not liking the EPM in the first time you played with mods so why would you have it installed?

  • in-depth question time starring LineLiar, today’s guest is Alphabit. -


First time I was playing with Exp Pack I didnt like it so much too…
Lol Depth question time.


Oh yeah, and another small thing, can You also make pause when in Cheat Menu?


Although a Pause is implemented in InfoStatsMod, you said it’s not working atm. I need to check it anyway… but hey… sorry kristof, didn’t want to advert for my mod here … oops… :wink:

But I think it should go in there anyway, too :slight_smile:


What? Pause works in Your mod.


Thx for the kind words man!

@alphabit Thx Again :slight_smile:
No problem InfoStatsMod is a good looking mod! :smiley:

About the pause, I know I need to fix that asap :slight_smile:
It’s there for a reason there was a cheat that didn’t work well while paused, I’ve been to lazy to search which one :slight_smile:
But I’ll get on it! :smiley:

Btw I like the Hype ‘+’ button thx for the good idea! :smiley:

Cheers mates!


In game when trying to unlock the hits without unlocking all with the cheat mod, nothing will show up. It may just be me, but this is just a bug I found when re-updating and replaying GDT.